Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept 10th 2014

Been a while since I popped in the crypt, but fear not my fearless vampire hunters for I have...nothing cute or funny in my brain this morning.
So I have been doing my One Movie a Day challenge, again/still on my movie blog, and in the last year, have watched a few vampire movies which I've talked about on that blog. And in my laziness, haven't talked about them here.  So here's a short run down.

Year 3 on Day 14... John Dies in the End.  Sort of a sci-fi zombie/vampire movie that has a lot of H.P. Lovecraft elements to it. Brain altering drug that feeds off of it's host because it's an alien type creature.  Comes under the category of non-traditional vampire stories.

Year 3 Day 16... Drop Dead Gorgeous.  This is about a model who dies on set and the crew decide to hide the fact until they finish the shoot. It was a great metaphor for how society views beauty and trends. A very disturbing film, funny as it ends up being, but still very disturbing. Again, a non-traditional vampire story, and clearly falls under the necrophilia category.

Year 3 Day 28...Forever 16.  Made for tv vampire movie about a young vampire who is caught and makes a deal with the police to go back to high school and find a drug dealer. 

Year 3 Day 41 Stepford Wives... Humans being replaced by robots in a zombie like fashion.
Comes under non-traditional, given the need to control, taking their individuality from them. Zombie stories and vampire stories cross lines so often, they almost are one genre...almost.

Year 3 Day 46...Immortal Instruments City of Bones... Vampires, werewolves, witches etc. A young girl finds out she's from a long line of hunters.
Both traditional and non-traditional categories.

Year 3 Day 47...R.I.P.D. A cop who is murdered, is brought back from the dead to continue his work, and find the one who killed him.
Both categories of traditional and non-traditional. It's more of a ghostbusters style film, but the fact the lead character is brought back from the dead makes it a vampire-style film.

Year 3 Day 73  Wolverine...  Wolverine is asked to return to Japan to save a friend from a member of the mob. But soon learns there's more going on then meets the eye.
With a mad scientist, an undead dead guy walking around, and of course Wolverine himself being an immortal creature...This falls into both categories of traditional and non-traditional.

Year 3 Day 77... The Thirst. A woman is kidnapped and taken to a private resort for vampires, after having been told she is one of a long line of royal vampires.

Year 3 Day 97...Twixt.. A writer gets mixed up with a serial killer who is staking young women, believing them to be vampires.

So there's the catch up of vampire movies I've seen so far this year.

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