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365 Days-Day 58

WWBD?  Part 8

Season 2, Episodes 13 - When she Was Bad

We open in a graveyard, where Willow and Xander are walking home, playing guessing games. We learn that it's the new school year, and the summer was quiet as far as demons go. We also learn that Buffy had spent the whole summer with her dad, and we see the beginning of what could be a romance between Xander and Willow. Just as a vampire runs up to them. Then Buffy appears and saves them.

Xander comments that that was the only vampire they have seen since Buffy had killed the Master, and Willow tells her that they had a ritual to bury the Master while she was gone.
We see Buffy's parents talking back at the house, about how Buffy seems to be distant.
Next day at school, we see Cordelia with her friends, then Giles and Synder and Miss Calendar, (big intro of all the main characters)
When Buffy tells Giles that she slayed a vampire the night before, he nods and tells her that he must consult is books, whereupon Xander admits they bet on how long before he got all serious again.  After school, and big training montage. In which, Giles starts to get worried about how much Buffy's aggressiveness has taken over her, unknowing that she's having visions and nightmares of the Master.
We then are at the factory, where a group of vampires are gathered planning revenge, led by a vampire preacher. The Anointed One at the center of their meeting.

Next day, back at school, the gang are hanging out in the lounge talking about dreams, and Willow nearly admits that she has naught Xander dreams. Giles rushes in telling Buffy that he's killed her once and should be able to again then attacks her, and she rips his face off to expose the Master.   This ends up having been another one of her nightmares, as Buffy wakes up in her room to find Angel sitting in her window. Angel tells her that the Anointed One is putting together an army.
We then see Buffy's mom giving her a lift to school, trying to get her to open up about what is really bothering her. When Buffy tells Xander and Willow that Angel had stopped by, Xander gets all jealous, just as Cordelia shows up.
Later that night at the Bronze, Willow and Xander try to figure out what the problem is with Buffy and her new mean streak. Meanwhile, the group of vampires are at the graveyard digging up the bones of the Master. Back at the Bronze, Angel asks Buffy if she's upset because of him, but she snubs him, flirting with Xander. Cordelia then confronts Buffy in the alley, then gets grabbed by vampires.

Cordelia gets tossed into the basement of the factory and finds Miss Calendar already there knocked out.  On her way home, Buffy sees the open grave where the Master had been buried and panics.
The next morning at school, Giles, Willow, and Xander try to figure out again what is the issues Buffy is dealing with, just as she walks in. She tells them that the vampires are planning to bring the Master back.
Later in the library, the group starts to research the rising ritual, which says that the final element is someone who was close to the Master. Buffy assumes it means her since he killed her.  Just then, a rock comes through the window with a note and Cordelia's necklace. Buffy freaks out on them telling them that she can't babysit them anymore as she goes to save Cordelia.
Angel shows up just as she arrives at the Bronze, and tells him she doesn't trust him either.  They enter the Bronze to find only one vampire and both agree that sending just one vampire seems off.
Back at the library, Giles re-reads the ritual and realizes that they are what the vampires need, the people who were standing beside him when he died. 

Buffy realizes it too and heads back to find the library destroyed, and Xander bleeding. The others having been taken.
Buffy gets the location from the one vampire back at the Bronze by torturing her. 
We see the vampires at the factory, as they start the ritual, just as Buffy, Angel and Xander show up.  After saving the others and killing the vampires, Buffy smashes the bones of the Master to dust.

The next morning, Cordelia and Miss Calendar are talking about what happened, and in Cordelia's way, makes it about how the blood stains won't come out of her clothes. We then see Giles and Buffy talking about how alone she felt and how responsible she feels for having her friends in danger.
Final scene is the Anointed One standing alone in the factory and simply says he hates that girl.

This is the real turning point in the series, where it sort of became the show it was known for. Darker, grittier, wittier.

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WWBD? Slayer Fest

Round One

Season 1, Episodes 9, 10, 11, 12

Episode 9- The Puppet Show

We open with a creepy voice talking about being flesh again, while watching the students backstage at the high school.  We then see Cordelia singing off key while Giles is feeling the torture of having to run the talent show.  Buffy, Xander and Willow arrive, mocking him and the other students, only to be caught by Mr. Synder who informs them that they have no choice and have to be in the talent show. We then see the kid with the dummy and right off Buffy has a bad reaction to the sight of it. When Willow asks her why, she simply says she's just always been creeped by them.  The dummy's voice then changes and he starts telling dirty jokes.
We then see a female student in the locker room get attacked, by an unseen demon who once again says he will be flesh.

We then see the gang freaking out about what they are going to do.  The kid with the dummy starts talking to them, the dummy hitting on Buffy.
We then see Synder and Giles talking about the history of the school, and the amount of strange deaths are connected to it. And we learn how much Synder hates kids, people in general.  We hear a scream, and the dead body of the girl is found. Giles tells the group that the girls' heart was removed by someone with a knife, and they right away rule out demon. Buffy tells them that her slayer self is telling her that it is more likely to be a demon.  They start to interview the students, and one tells them that the last person to talk to her was the dude with the dummy.
Buffy goes to talk to the student with the dummy, and walks in on what appears to be the dummy talking on it's own. When the student appears he tells her that he was practicing throwing his voice, then crumples clutching his skull and the dummy starts to mouth off at Buffy. 
Back at the library, the group all figure that Morgan, the puppet guy is a murder, all but Buffy who still seems to think it's a demon. Giles tells her to go check his locker for anything that might prove he's the killer, like the missing heart. She doesn't find anything but Synder catches her, threatening her. Synder thinks she's the murder. Buffy manages to open the dummy case only to find it empty.
We then see Morgan arguing with the dummy, telling him that just can not kill Buffy, even though the dummy tells him this last kill will set him free.
We are then at Buffy's house, her mother teasing her about the talent show. At this point, her mom still has no idea about her being a demon hunter and thinks everything is normal teenaged stuff and gives her advice.

We see the dummy staring through the window at Buffy, then running around her room. She screams and her mom comes in, and Buffy has a normal moment of a kid being scared. Her mom notices the window is open, and Buffy says she never left it open.
The next day, back at the school, Cordelia is trying to get bumped up to the top of the show, but Giles spaces on her, and finally gets rid of her by commenting on her hair.  Buffy walks in and tells the group that Sid the dummy is really alive. Xander and Willow wonder if Buffy is just freaked out too much, and put off the idea that the dummy is just a dummy. But Giles gives them a bit of research that talks about a group of seven demons that can take the form of non-humans, and who every so many years if they collect all the human organs can become human. They still think that Morgan is the main suspect.
Buffy sees the dummy move on it's own later in class, just before the teacher takes the dummy away and puts it in the cupboard. When he goes to collect it later, he sees it's missing, and panics.
Back at the library, we see Xander stole him. This gives Buffy a chance to talk to Morgan alone, while Willow and Giles do research in the demon section, which the dummy overhears.
Buffy runs into Synder in the drama room where he threatens her again. Back in the library, the dummy is missing. Buffy finds Morgan dead, then gets attacked in the drama room.

She wakes up to find Sid the dummy running around on his own. He attacks her with a knife, they fight, each thinking the other is the murdering demon. We find out Sid is a demon hunter who was cursed to be a dummy, but not till after having killed the other six of these demons. They realize that the demon is in the show, and have to figure out which student.
We get a little bit of history on one of the slayers from Sid, who had been alive in the 1930's. He tells her that if they get this last demon, the curse will be lifted and he'll just die. And admits that since he was cursed he's outlived countless demon hunters and slayers.
They realize no one in the show is missing, and have to come up with a different plan. Giles starts to suspect Synder, and follows him, while Buffy goes looking for Sid who is now missing. What she finds is Morgan's brain just left hanging around.

Back at the library, the group start to think they have been lied to by Sid. They then learn that Morgan was sick, and his brain was useless. They realize that Willow and Giles are the next targets. Giles meanwhile is talking to one of the students in the drama room, who is working on his magic act which happens to include a guillotine. Buffy manages to save him just in time, killing the demon, while Xander and Willow untie Giles.
Sid stabs the body in the heart and then dies himself. Just as the curtain opens for the beginning of the show, with everyone standing there.

Under the credits we see Buffy, Xander and Willow doing a scene from a play.

Episode 10- Nightmares

We open with Buffy in what looks to be a part of the Master's lair. The Master is stalking her, and manages to catch her, but just before he can bite her, she wakes up from a dream. Her mom lets her know that her dad will be there that weekend.
We see Buffy and Willow walking in school, talking about how she never sees her dad, and Buffy comments on the fact that they split up the same time she found out she was the slayer.  We see the group in class, and one of the students opens his book to be covered in spiders, at the same time that Buffy sees a young kid in the doorway.  The kid tells her he's sorry about that.

Back in the lair, we see the Master talking to the Anointed One about fear, telling him that it's all in the mind and can be controlled. He then says that something is happening above ground, something powerful that is bringing trouble.
Back at Sunnydale High, we see Buffy getting dropped off by her mom, who asks her why she was screaming in her sleep again?  Buffy is more concerned about hanging out with her dad for the weekend. We then see her and the others talking about the spiders in the classroom the day before, and how did it happen? This gets them talking about some of their fears, and find Giles running around lost in the shelves. Giles tells them that they need to talk to the student who the spiders happened to. They learn that he's a specialist in the topic of spiders, and that he's haunted by nightmares of them, because he feels guilty for having left his brother looking after his pet spiders and they all died.
We then see Buffy go to a class that she's been skipping all year, only to find out there is a test that she was not aware of, and the panic sets in. Before she knows it, class is over and she's failed the test. We see the same young boy from the day before standing in the doorway again, the kid sees another student heading to the basement and tells her she shouldn't go in there. The female student is standing in the basement, and a creature attacks her. The creature simply says  "Lucky 19".

Buffy and Giles then show up at the hospital to see if they can find out who attacked her. While they are at the hospital, they learn that there is a boy in a coma that was attacked the same way.
Back at the school, we see random students have some of their worst fears come true. Like a biker wannabe's mom shows up to embarrass him. Then Xander and Willow walk into class and suddenly Xander is naked.
Back at the library, Giles is poured over newspapers and his biggest fear of not being able to read has come true. Buffy notices a photo of the kid she's been seeing around the school and realizes it's the first victim in the coma.  Giles brings up the idea of astral projection, as being the reason the kid was around school.  Buffy's dad then shows up out of nowhere and tells Buffy that he doesn't want anything to do with her ever again, and that she's the reason they got divorced. This is one of Buffy's biggest fears. Then we see the kid again in another doorway.
Back in the library, Willow and Xander show up, and tell Giles about the naked fear coming true. We then learn that Willow is afraid of being noticed. Giles then realizes that it's all their nightmares coming true. We learn that the kid, Billy, is the reason the nightmare world has become true.
Cordelia's nightmare is that she becomes a major geek with braces and bad hair.   Meanwhile, Buffy has started to follow astral Billy around the school. Just as Buffy starts to talk to him, the creature shows up.

Big battle, and the creature manages to get Buffy on the run. Her and astral Billy exit the school and see a baseball game, where astral Billy hints at the creature being the baseball coach. They then run into a graveyard where the Master buries her alive. Giles, Willow and Xander split up trying to find Buffy, each having their own big nightmares. Willow is forced to star in an opera, Xander is chased by a killer clown, and Giles sees Buffy die becoming a vampire.

Giles tells Buffy that they have to wake Billy up from his coma, in order to return everything to normal. They arrive at the hospital to find total chaos.  They see Billy still in his coma, and astral Billy hiding in the back of the room. The creature then shows up,  and Buffy attacks him, taking advantage of this vampire nightmare self's new strength. Knocking the creature out, she tells astral Billy that he needs to unmask the creature in order to kill him. The kid needs to face his fears.
A mystical light appears, and everyone is back to normal, with Billy coming out of his coma. Just then the coach walks in, unaware that Billy has woken up, and tells Xander that he comes by every day, waiting to see if his Lucky 19 will wake up. When Buffy tells the coach that Billy is awake, he tries to run, but Giles and Xander grab him.
Back at school, the group are talking about how the coach was arrested for what he'd done, as Buffy's dad shows up to pick her up for the weekend.

Episode 11- Out of Mind Out of Sight

We open with Cordelia and her friends talking about the spring dance, and Buffy trips over them spilling everything in her purse. Buffy starts to remember when she was the school queen bee.
In class, we see that Cordelia is actually smarter then they thought, but we learn just as shallow as always. We then see Cordelia's boyfriend in the locker room, and we hear a girl's laugh just before he gets attacked by a flying baseball bat.

Cordelia is then seen bribing students for their vote on prom queen, making Buffy feel even more lost. When Xander and Willow start mocking Cordelia for it, Buffy admits that she used to be the Cordy in her old school.
We then see Synder talking about how there are no dead students there in the school that week as we see Mitch, Cordelia's boyfriend being wheeled out by medics. Buffy goes to check the crime scene but is stopped by Synder, but Willow's quick thinking gets Synder's attention letting Buffy investigate. Buffy sees the word "look" written on the lockers where the attack happened.
In the lunch room, Giles and the group talk about the different kinds of ghosts or someone with telekinesis, trying to figure out what the cause was. 
In the yard, we see Cordelia talking to Harmony about Mitch, and her shallowness is on display. We see a flashback of a similar conversation that happened a few months before and hear a girl's voice say hi, and Cordelia brush them off. Buffy then shows up to talk to Cordelia, just as someone pushes Harmony down the stairs. Synder starts asking what happened, and Cordelia says she fell but Harmony swears someone pushed her. Buffy then hears the girl's laugh again and follows it. She doesn't see anyone but someone bumps into her. She then sees a panel in the ceiling move.

We see two strange guys in suites standing around the outside of the school as the gang walk by talking about ghosts. Xander comments about an invisible people and admits he'd love to be invisible in order to spy on the girls' locker room. They realize it's someone with a grudge on Cordelia because both attacks were on her friends. Buffy decides to hunt down the invisible girl, and Giles tells her to focus on listening, which will play a major role in coming seasons with her slayer powers.
Buffy stakes out the school later that night and hears someone playing the flute. We then see Giles in the library, also hearing strange sounds, only to discover Angel waiting for him.
They talk, and Giles makes the comment about a vampire in love with the slayer and how poetic and sad it is. Angel then tells him something bad is about to happen with the Master. They continue talking about a missing book called the Cotex, which we find that Angel has. Giles then has a moment of fanboyness at the idea of getting his hands on the missing volume.
We then see another flashback of the girl trying to fit in with Cordelia and her friends, totally ignoring her. Back to the present, Cordelia wins the May Queen, and we see the gang standing around the edge of the school yard talking about the list of dead and missing students, with Buffy still certain that Cordelia is the real target. Willow notices the guys in suites just as Buffy reads about one girl named Marcy on the missing list. Her profile says that she played the flute, and Buffy tells them that she had heard someone playing a flute the night before in the school.
Buffy then goes to the music room and investigates, finding a hidden room in the attic where a girl's made herself a home.
We then hear the girl's laugh again right before a teacher gets attacked. Cordelia shows up and saves her, just as something writes the word "listen" on the chalkboard behind them.

Back in the library, the gang are discussing what she found in the attic. And Buffy shows them the yearbook she found, pointing out that no one had anything to say to her. Giles then realizes that it's not really a magical issue that caused her to become invisible but a scientific one. More of a quantum physics. Explaining that because of the way we perceive things, we manifest our own reality, and because the girl felt invisible she made herself become invisible.  Cordelia comes running into the room, and begs Buffy for help because of having seen her bag of weapons. The gang tells her that it's an invisible girl and points out a photo of Marcy, where upon Cordelia says she's never seen her before in her life.
In the attic we hear Marcy talking angrily about Cordelia. We get a bit of insight on Cordelia, and learn that she's just as insecure as everyone else.  The rest of the gang hear the sound of a flute and follow it, which ends up being a trap.  Meanwhile, Cordelia and Buffy are grabbed.
In the basement where Xander, Willow and Giles are trapped, the gas has been turned on, while Buffy and Cordelia are being held at the Bronze.

We see the word "learn" in gold glitter on the wall of the Bronze. We hear Marcy telling them that her plan is to make Cordelia a monster by slicing her up.
Meanwhile back at the school, Angel shows up and gets Willow, Xander and Giles out. We then see Buffy trying to fight Marcy. Closing her eyes, Buffy is able to focus on what she hears and manages to defeat Marcy. Just then, the men in the back suites who end up being FBI break into the Bronze and take Marcy.
We then see the gang walking through the school, and Cordelia thanking them, and we see the beginning of the change in her. Until Mitch shows up and mocks the group.
Final scene is a teacher in front of an invisible class, and as Marcy opens her text book we see she's begun Assassination training.

Episode 12- Prophecy Girl

We open at the Bronze. Xander is talking to what we think is Willow, asking her out, but he's actually practicing what he wants to say to Buffy.
We then see the graveyard, where Buffy is fighting a vampire, a few feet way from where Cordelia and Mitch are parked in car making out. We then see Giles in the library, reading the Cotex that Angel had given him in the previous episode, and we learn that the Master is about to rise. Giles then goes into a panic as he realizes that Buffy is going to die.
Sunnydale is then hit by an earthquake.  We see the Master screaming for joy, then turns to the Anointed One and states in a flat voice "what do you think? 5.1?"

Back at the library, we see Giles looking deflated and worried. We learn that it's the next morning, and Giles hasn't left in almost a day and a half. Buffy shows up and tells him that she slayed three vampires within minutes of each other the night before.
Buffy, Xander and Willow are walking through the yard, and Xander shoos Willow off in order that he can talk to Buffy alone. He starts to ask her out but she has to let him know that it's not going to happen. Xander then reacts by insulting Angel and walking away.
Back in the library, Giles is on the phone when Miss Calendar walks in. They start comparing notes on all the weird stuff that has happened in the last few weeks, and Miss Calendar says that a monk in Europe has emailed her with a message about the Anointed One.  Giles then starts to really pay attention. He tells her to get ahold of the monk and find out everything she can.
We then see Cordelia and her new boyfriend talking, she asks Willow to do some electronic stuff for her, just as Xander tells Willow that Buffy turned him down. He then asks Willow, and she turns him down telling him that it would hurt too much to go with him.
Night time, and Buffy is in the school bathroom, seeing blood pour out of the sink. When she goes to tell Giles, she walks in on him and Angel talking about how there is a prophecy in the Cotex saying that she will die the next night.

Buffy starts to laugh, getting their attention and starts to wonder what the next slayer is going to be like? She breaks down in the middle of the library and tells them that she quits. Both Angel and Giles tell her that she can't, it doesn't work that way.  In a gesture of frustration and fear, she rips the cross off her neck that Angel had given her in episode one.
We then see Willow trying to call Xander, who is laying in his room listening to country music. Next is Buffy pouring over photos of her and the gang, her mother walks in to see if she's okay. She figures it's the prom that has Buffy upset, and shows her a dress that she bought as a gift for her.
Next morning at the school, we see Cordelia and Willow talking about the fact that Cordelia's new boyfriend bailed on her. They then see him and his best friend watching tv in the staff lounge, and when they go to confront them, find them the entire group was slaughtered.
We then see Buffy in her prom dress which happens to be white, as her mother tells her that Willow is on the news.  We then see Buffy sitting with Willow in her room, Willow telling her that it really hit her that life wasn't ever going to be the same.  Willow then comments on liking the dress. Which she's wearing under a back leather jacket. (just like Kristy Swanson did as Buffy in the original movie in 1992)
Meanwhile, in the lair, the Master sends the Anointed One to the surface.
Back in the library, Giles and Miss Calendar are taking about the Hellmouth. Giles then tells her that he's planning on killing the Master himself, just as Buffy walks in and tells him that it's her job she's going to handle it. They argue, then she knocks him out.
Buffy then goes outside, and spots the Anointed One, knowing who he is and willingly follows him.

Back in the library, the rest of the group is there, talking about the end of the world. Xander gets all angry and heads off.   We then see Buffy in the lair, in her dress.
Xander shows up at Angel's and tells him about Buffy running off, and demands that he take him to find them.
Back in the library, they try to figure out where the Hellmouth will open.
In the lair, Buffy and the Master begin their fight, while Angel and Xander make their way through the sewers. Willow and Miss Calendar believe that the Bronze, where the prom is being held, is the spot that the Hellmouth will open and race off there.  But, they only make it half way out the parking lot before a mob of vampires come after them.  
Back in the lair, we see the Master grab Buffy, and tells her that had she not shown up, he'd have been unable to feed and would have been trapped. He bites her, then as he pushes her into a puddle, tells her that he likes her dress. The barrier that has been holding him suddenly breaks open and he goes to the surface. Just as Angel and Xander run in to find Buffy dead. 

Xander refuses to give up and says that since she drowned in the puddle, she can be brought back with CPR. Xander then manages to save her.
Back at the school, we see Cordelia drive up and tell Willow and Miss Calendar to get in the car. Cordelia drives right into the school and they all run for the library. (this is one of those Night of the Living Dead at the door moments)
We see the Master then on the rooftop of the school, gloating.  Back in the lair, Buffy tells them that she feels stronger, different, and they head off to find the Master.
Meanwhile, in the library the floor has opened up and creatures are starting to rise.  We see Buffy, Angel and Xander heading to the school.  The Master is watching from the roof's window.  He's shocked when he sees Buffy standing beside him still alive. They fight and Buffy throws the Master through the window onto a broken piece of wooden table. As he turns to dust, the other creatures and vampires run away, the Hellmouth closed.
We see the whole gang now in the middle of the library wondering what to do now that they saved the world.   Buffy closes out with the line "We saved the world, I say we party."  And then Angel tells her that he really likes her dress.

That brings us to the end of season one.  I'll be back later with the next round of the Slayer Fest...hang in there.

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Slayer Fest is coming!

I see that the most popular articles on the blog are the WWBD?  episode recaps.  Okay, I'll give you my lovely Spudguns! what you want,  a full blogging day of BTVS.  I was toying with the idea of doing this anyway, just not so soon in the year.

And for those of you who have noticed, I haven't even touched the spin-off  Angel yet,  that is because, well Angel didn't get the spin-off until Buffy started season 4.  Once I hit the end of season 3, I'll start doing both Buffy and Angel episodes together.

-love Ardeth Blood

365 Days-Day 57

movie: Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
starring: Brian Krause, Alice Krige
genre: Drama, Thriller
year: 1992
format: DVD

Plot Two shapeshifter vampires, who feed off of the souls (lifeforce) of virgin girls, have targeted a high school student. Their only known enemy is the common housecat, who seems to be able to infect them with a scratch or bite. The mother and son, believe they are the last of their kind, and therefore have started an incestuous relationship, but when the son starts to show kindness to the high school student, the mother gets jealous. And before they have a chance to feed and quietly move on, they are discovered by the locals.

I like the way this plays with the psy-vamp side of things. Also, the fact it pulls from folklore a bit, mixing the idea that vampires and shapeshifters are the same thing.

The beginning of the film has a description of a Sleep'walk'er  listing it as coming from a book from the 1800's. I have no idea if this is a real quote and inspiration for Stephen King, or if this quote is just part of the movie?

The topic of incest in vampire stories is always an underlined thing, not always in your face like it is in this film. (Yes, even the beloved Twilight has it going on with the mere fact Edward turns Bella, and Carlisle turns Esme, which means the lovers become their children.  I'll let you digest that) I have to give the credit to King for just laying it on the line. It's also one of the elements in vampiric folklore that makes vampires so feared, that made people believe partly that a vampire was soulless.

what do I think I learned from this film?
I don't know if there was anything to really learn here?  There are a few characters, mostly the women, who comment about how charming the lead character is, once before the big vampire attack and once after it.  Just sort of drives home the idea that you have to be careful who you trust.

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365 Days-Day 56

WWBD? part 6

Season 1 Episode 8- I Robot You Jane

We open with a scene in the 1400's, in Italy. A demon promises everyone's wildest dreams if they promise to love only him. Once they give their pledge, he kills them.  A group of monks bind him to a book with a spell.
Present day, and we see Willow transferring copies of old books on demonology into the computer, unknowingly releasing the demon back into the world. This is the intro of the character Miss Calendar who becomes Giles' love interest for the rest of this season and half of the next.
We then see a sentence appear on the computer screen that says "Where Am I?"

The next scene, we see Willow walking through the school  a goofy grin on her face, as Buffy comes running up to her, asking where she had been the night before because she could not get a hold of her. We learn a full week has past since she scanned the book, and the grin is because she has been chatting online for days with some mysterious guy.
They walk into the computer class, and we see one of the other students online talking to himself saying that he'll do anything.  Then the teacher, Miss Calendar comes into the room and tells Buffy to leave. But before she does, she tries to warn Willow that having an online boyfriend might be dangerous. Unknown to them, the demon has taken control of the whole computer system in the school, and has checked the files of all the students, targeting Buffy. We then see another student get a message flash on his computer screen telling him to watch Buffy's every move.
We then see a random student working on their homework, only to find that someone has screwed around with their thesis report on Nazi Germany.
Xander then teases Willow about the new online boyfriend, showing some jealousy. Willow starts to skip school and peppers her sentences with "Malcom said you would feel this way."   Buffy then goes to talk to the first student that we saw talking to the computer, asking for him to track someone for her. When he learns that she wants him to hunt down Malcom, he gets weird. Buffy then tells Giles that something is wrong and he tells her to just trail the kids.
Buffy starts to follow the one student, and ends up at a computer factory. We then see the second student receive a live video feed from a security camera telling him to kill Buffy.

Back at the library, Buffy,Xander and Giles about the whole thing and we learn that the factory is suppose to be closed. Buffy and Xander decide to stake-out the place.
We then see Willow once again online with Malcom, who makes a comment about Buffy's past school records. This clues Willow into the fact that he's not all he's cracked up to be and starts to feel panicked.
Back in the library, Giles and Miss Calendar are arguing about how important computers really are. She then starts to flip through the pages of the book Willow had scanned and asks why he has a diary in the library? Giles then looks at the cover and walks away.
Meanwhile, the first student that Buffy had followed, tracks her down and tells her that Willow is in the girl's locker room looking for her. Buffy heads there and finds the second student tries to kill her. She survives, but the first computer student is considered a traitor and killed. Malcom has written a suicide note on the computer. Giles then confides to Buffy and Xander that he thinks Malcom is Moloch, who had been inside the book.
They then realize that the demon is in the computer system and try to delete the files, but are unable to. They see an image of him, and realize that he's able to do more damage online then if he were in the flesh.
They split up and start hunting for Willow. Buffy goes first to the computer labs and finds the dead body of the first student hanging with the suicide note. Buffy then tells Giles to get Miss Calendar to help him with getting the demon bound again, while she goes to Willow's. But Willow has been kidnapped by the second student.
We hear the news saying that criminals over the planet have been mistakenly let out their profiles wiped clean.  Giles tries to tell Miss Calendar about the demon online, and she just stands there saying she already knows.  We learn then that she is a Techno-Pagan, which seems to relax Giles.
We then see Willow in the factory, as a sort of sacrifice, and see Moloch in his now robot form.

Buffy and Xander break in before the sacrifice can be made, while back at the library, Miss Calendar goes online and calls up her coven. They form the Circle of Kayless, to help bound Moloch back into his book. Only, he doesn't end up back in the book, he stayed in the robot body. Buffy outsmarts him, and gets him to punch a fuse box, and gets fried.

We then see Giles visiting Miss Calendar in the computer labs, and she asks him why he doesn't like computers, and he tells her they have no smell. Smell being one of the things that effects memory.
We then see Buffy, Willow and Xander talking about how they have all managed to date some sort of demon, and that they are all three doomed to bad relationships.

The themes in this episode vary from be careful what you wish for you just might get it, to you never know who you are really dealing with.
We also have the foreshadowing of many of their ways of dealing with the demons as a group, not just the friends of the Slayer, but as honest heroes themselves.
Many of the side conversations about computers were ground breaking, when you look at the episode all these years later. (this would have been 1997 when the episode first aired.)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

365 Days-Day 55

Dracula the Series- Episode 13 Bad Blood

We open with Dracula walking the streets at night, and comes across a mugger. He bites him, and we see him fall to the ground, then the mugger's bag with a skull and crossbones on it, as the mugger runs away.

Back at the house, we see Sophie and Chris arguing in the living room. We learn that Sophie has a new boyfriend.
Back at the castle, Dracula is sick, and the arrival of Dr. Varney, actually startles him, proving that his illness is slowing Dracula down, which given he's a vampire shouldn't be doing.
Back at the house, Max is teasing Chris because he's looking for Sophie like a lost puppy. We then go to cafe to see Sophie and her new boyfriend.
Back at the castle, Dracula has gotten worse, with flu like symptoms. Varney tells him that he's dying.
Back at the house, Max shows up with dinner and tells Gustav that he bumped into a strange man at the store who gave him the chills, the same way vampires seem to. When he describes him to Gustav, he knows that he's a vampire doctor. Gustav takes it as a sign to go hunt Dracula.
Back at the cafe, we see that Sophie's new boyfriend is a slimeball.
Back at the castle, Dracula is put into a trance, and he remembers that he drank bad blood just before he got sick. Dr.Varney tells him the mugger had a rare blood disease, and that he needs to get a bottle of water from a certain spring. Gustav and Max have managed to get into the castle and over hear.
Chris shows up at the cafe, and sees Sophie with her new boyfriend, and gets jealous, starting a fight. We then see the boyfriend's bag and learn he's the mugger from earlier.

Back at the castle, Dracula is stumbling around getting worse. He's going insane, with blisters starting to show on his face. He then goes to the woods where the spring is.
The sun is starting to rise, as we head back to the house where Sophie and Chris are fighting about her boyfriend. 
We then see Dracula crawling in the dirt at the edge of the spring, as Max and Gustav show up stopping him. Max decides that, that's no way for the great Dracula to die, and gives him his coat. Dracula then asks Gustav what will he do with the rest of his life with no one to hunt? Just as Gustav is about to stake him, Dr. Varney shows up with a gun.
Back at the house, Sophie tells Chris that she had broken up with her boyfriend.
Back in the woods, we see Dracula drink the water. Dr. Varney comments on the fact the water isn't going to work as is, because there is too many toxic chemicals in it. Chemicals from Dracula's nearest factory. He then hands him a bottle of the same water purified.   Max and Gustav run off, while Varney and Dracula figure out they need to purify the spring.
Back at the house, Sophie's boyfriend shows up but he's a vampire. This happened when Dracula bit him at the beginning. Then we learn that Sophie had been bitten by him on her date before Chris had shown up.
Back at the castle, Varney tells Dracula that he has been careless with his day life, trying to blend with humans. Sophie then shows up in a slinky red dress offering herself as his student.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

365 Days-Day 54

Dracula the Series- Episode 12 The Great Tickler

We open with a guy playing piano in an empty bar, and see Gustav geek out like a fanboy. Then Dracula shows up just as Gustav and the kids leave, and invites him to the castle.

Back at the house, we see Chris and Max working on a dating profile. Then we see the piano player there for dinner. We learn that he's the brother from the scientist from an earlier episode. He tells them that he's got a dinner appointment the next day at the castle and they try to talk him out of it, but he doesn't listen.
As he walks home, he bumps into Dracula, who invites him then to the castle.
The next morning, we see the scientist from the old episode, having just exploded his lab. He gets a letter from Dracula telling him to come to the castle to rescue his brother.
Back at the house, Chris finds a letter from a girl who liked his profile. (this is pre-internet) Gustav realizes that Mr. Tickler the piano player was captured by Dracula and goes to save him. At the same time, his brother the scientist shows up to save him too. Dracula then has all three men captured.

Back at the house, we see Chris getting ready for his date, meanwhile back at the castle, Dracula lets them all know that what he's really after is the vampire laser gun. Which he had destroyed before and wants the scientist to rebuild it. He throws Gustav into a room with the walls closing together, in the hopes that the threat will get results.
Meanwhile, we learn that Chris and Sophia answered each other's personal adds.
Back at the house, Max gets a message from the scientist saying he's at the castle.
At the castle, the two brothers are arguing on what to do, while the walls in the cell Gustav is being held in have started to close, and they are covered in spikes.
We then see the kids on the date, and learn that Max had Sophia read the profile knowing that they should be a couple.
Max shows up at the castle sneaking in and saves Gustav.  We then see Dracula talking to the scientist about the laser gun, and just before he can bite him, Max and Gustav run in.

Back at the house, everyone is talking about how Dracula still has the gun, but it's power pack is useless. But then we see Dracula call in one of his zombies and tests the gun, which actually does work.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

365 Days- Day 53

movie: Immortality the Wisdom of Crocodiles (aka  Immortality,  aka  The Wisdom of Crocodiles)
starring:Jude Law, Elina Lowensohn
genre; Crime, Thriller
year: 1998/2000
format; DVD

plot: After becoming the prime suspect in the death of his ex-girlfriend, a lab tech specializing in blood disorders and kidney stones, finds his life starting to unravel. He needs to get his current girlfriend to love him unconditionally in order to feed off her emotions. But she is unsatisfied with the mysterious aspects of his life, and starts to uncover his secrets.

You will notice the this movie has 3 titles, Immortality which is the U.S. title, Wisdom of Crocodiles  which is the British title, and Immortality the Wisdom of Crocodiles, which is what it seems to go by; by fans.  This was originally a 1998 film, but released in Canada and the US in 2000.  There is also some confusion on if the movie is based on a book or if the book was written after the movie.

This has got to be one of the most unique films I've ever seen. It's seductive, compelling, and makes you think of the classic vampire stories like DraculaCarmilla and The Vamypre.

The lead character doesn't just need the blood, he needs the emotions tied to the blood. In a way, he fits the idea of a psy-vamp as much as he does a sang-vamp. Again, bringing you back to the ideas that were used in the classic vampire novels.
You're never really given any true background on him, and you end up wondering if he really was a vampire or just a psychopath?

There are more then a few scenes where the lead has managed to do something that only his victims were able to do, little traits that were unique to them, like the way the second woman he's feed off of can write with both hands at the same time.  What I found really interesting, was the friendship between himself and the male cop, and you realize that he's been feeding off of him in a strange way by giving the cop someone to trust. This is shown subtly in a scene where the lead character extinguishes his cigarette the same way the cop has been doing so through out the film.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Nobody is perfect. Even when you have centuries to become so, you will never achieve it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Monday 10th

I knew it had been a few days since I've been in this blog, just didn't realize it's been over a full week.
The 365Days project is still going, I've just been sidetracked with a few other things the last two weeks.
I will be back tomorrow to get this on track.

Sometimes, even life happens to the undead.

Monday, April 1, 2013

365 Days-Day 52

Dracula the Series- Episode 11 Double Darkness

We open with Gustav driving through the city, and is stopped by a woman with ca troubles. He offers to help and we see he's a vampire.

Back at the house, we see Max and Gustav leaving the house in matching outfits, and learn that someone is targeting Lucard Industries by staging accidents. We then find out that Max and Gustav are on their way to an archaeological dig.Where upon, Max crushes on the female archaeologist.
At Lucard's office, Dracula is trying to figure out who it is that is destroying his company. And that natural disasters are starting to happen around places that he owns. Dracula then starts asking out loud who would "bother to burn my houses and ruin my crops when he could just buy me out?"
He then brings up the name Nosferatu.
Back at the house, Chris and Gustav are talking about Max's crush. The female archaeologist arrives for Max with flowers.
Meanwhile, back at the office, we see Nosferatu and Dracula arguing. Nosferatu calls Dracula a brat, but he takes it in stride. Nosferatu then mocks him for his business, telling him that all the power will be his. Dracula replies that Nosferatu was always too vulgar for any sort of real power.  There is a vampire battle, with Dracula winning.
We then see what appears to be Max and his crush on a date. We learn that it's Nosferatu as Max and that he's really a shapeshifter, and that the archaeologist is a vampire.
Back at the house, the kids are trying to clean while mocking Max about his crush. Gustav tries to explain that his crush on the archaeologist is illegal.
The next day, we see Dracula show up at the archaeologist dig, and Max sees them talking. Max is unaware that she's a vampire and tries to warn her about it. Following her into the ruins of the dig she disappears.
Back at the house, we see Max mixing up garlic powder bombs getting ready to go fight Dracula. He then shows up at the dig site, catching Dracula and the archaeologist and Nosferatu. The three vampires fight and Max being hurt by the fact his crush is a vampire helps Dracula. Nosferatu then gets staked and the woman throws herself on the stake as well as they die. Dracula lets Max go and tells him that he'll let him off this one time.
The next morning, we see Gustav and the kids trying to understand how Nosferatu got set free from his tomb to begin with. Then we see a shot of the archaeologist getting into a hearse driving so far and it magically disappearing.  (hinting that Nosferatu's bloodline is a bit harder to kill then just staking)