Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19th 2015

I came in here with the intention of catching up on a few posts.  Been too long since I bled all over this blog.

Since last time I post, which to my shock was almost a year ago, I've seen a few vampire movies. Haven't read any new books...all the way through that is.  I've been reading books to do with Vodun and Hoodoo more then fictional stuff, but every so often I pick up Vittorio The Vampire by Anne Rice and read a few pages.
No, I have not at this point gotten my hands on Prince me when I do that you will hear about. 

So what have I got to talk about right now?   The fact the second season of From Dusk till Dawn is scheduled to air in a few weeks.  And I do have a copy of the dvd for season one. I have yet to do a review of it as I have only watched the episodes and none of the special features/extras yet.

September 25th will be the release date for Hotel Transylvania 2.  Which I am extremely hyper for. I don't care that it is a cartoon geared for kids, it stands on it's own.

I did a vampire theme week the other month on my movie blog. At which point, I will come back here later and do write ups for each new movie that I saw in that time frame.

But, to round out year 3 of the movie blog's list of vampire movies...

Year 3 day 131- Vamp U

Year 3 day 130 - Halloween 6 Curse of Micheal Myers

Year 3 day 129 -The Tomb

Year 3 day 128- Doppleganger

Year 3 day 126- The Crow

Year 3 day 125- Knights of Badassdom

Year 3 day 123- Dracula Untold

I will, do full write ups on them too...when I have a bit more time.  I just wanted to come in and post something.

Till later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept 10th 2014

Been a while since I popped in the crypt, but fear not my fearless vampire hunters for I have...nothing cute or funny in my brain this morning.
So I have been doing my One Movie a Day challenge, again/still on my movie blog, and in the last year, have watched a few vampire movies which I've talked about on that blog. And in my laziness, haven't talked about them here.  So here's a short run down.

Year 3 on Day 14... John Dies in the End.  Sort of a sci-fi zombie/vampire movie that has a lot of H.P. Lovecraft elements to it. Brain altering drug that feeds off of it's host because it's an alien type creature.  Comes under the category of non-traditional vampire stories.

Year 3 Day 16... Drop Dead Gorgeous.  This is about a model who dies on set and the crew decide to hide the fact until they finish the shoot. It was a great metaphor for how society views beauty and trends. A very disturbing film, funny as it ends up being, but still very disturbing. Again, a non-traditional vampire story, and clearly falls under the necrophilia category.

Year 3 Day 28...Forever 16.  Made for tv vampire movie about a young vampire who is caught and makes a deal with the police to go back to high school and find a drug dealer. 

Year 3 Day 41 Stepford Wives... Humans being replaced by robots in a zombie like fashion.
Comes under non-traditional, given the need to control, taking their individuality from them. Zombie stories and vampire stories cross lines so often, they almost are one genre...almost.

Year 3 Day 46...Immortal Instruments City of Bones... Vampires, werewolves, witches etc. A young girl finds out she's from a long line of hunters.
Both traditional and non-traditional categories.

Year 3 Day 47...R.I.P.D. A cop who is murdered, is brought back from the dead to continue his work, and find the one who killed him.
Both categories of traditional and non-traditional. It's more of a ghostbusters style film, but the fact the lead character is brought back from the dead makes it a vampire-style film.

Year 3 Day 73  Wolverine...  Wolverine is asked to return to Japan to save a friend from a member of the mob. But soon learns there's more going on then meets the eye.
With a mad scientist, an undead dead guy walking around, and of course Wolverine himself being an immortal creature...This falls into both categories of traditional and non-traditional.

Year 3 Day 77... The Thirst. A woman is kidnapped and taken to a private resort for vampires, after having been told she is one of a long line of royal vampires.

Year 3 Day 97...Twixt.. A writer gets mixed up with a serial killer who is staking young women, believing them to be vampires.

So there's the catch up of vampire movies I've seen so far this year.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Everybody be cool, you be cool

From Dusk till Dawn...the series. 

I just finished watching the first episode of the tv series based on the movie franchise, and dude, I'm right bloody in love. I only heard about this show a few days ago, and thought I'd have to wait god knows how long for it to come out on dvd or something, but Netflix Canada started showing it this week.
The first episode covers the first ten minutes of the original movie, expanding on the back stories of the characters. And I have to say, they did an excellent job getting actors that look enough like the original ones, that it makes you want to break out the old movies.

Only one episode in, and already I know this is on my dvd wish list down the road.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nove 4th 2013

Did anyone else manage to catch the NBC mini-documentary last week called "Why We Heart Vampires" ?

I've seen about a hundred of these in the past 20 years. Usually, delving into the history of vampires in folklore, and talking to goth kids on why they dig the whole thing.
This was different, for the better. It dealt just with a handful of the more popular movies/tv shows and talked just to actors and producers and writers.

More of an inside look then a general one.  One of the best mini-docs I've seen on any topic in the last few years. 
I don't know if it's online anywhere, or if there is a replay of it, but I suggest checking it out.

And, it was NBC so a good chunk was to promote the new NBC version of Dracula. 

Speaking of the new took me till the middle of the second episode to really warm up to it. The first episode really didn't have me as hooked as I was thinking it was going to.   I like the fact the new tv show is set during the late 1880's, I was a bit worried it was going to be too modern; which seems to be the big trend right now. Making vamps too modern.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept 3rd note

Wow, a full month has gone by and I haven't done a vampire film.   Seriously, how did I loose that much track of time?

I would hate to say the 365 Days challenge has been a failure, but I think I might have to say that.  Even with 119 days left to the year, I still need to make up over 296 days.
Just isn't in the budget. 

When I was doing the One Movie a Day challenge last year, I saw how many vampire movies I was watching, and around last September (2012) I got the idea to do the vampire version.  Seemed like the greatest idea ever, at that time.
I had all these vampire movies in my collection and thought it would be cream cheese. You know, smooth, easy.  Plus, I have all these vampire tv shows too.  I even got it in my head to gather up my vampire books with the plan to review one every few weeks.  I also had a ton of "side projects" planned (like the Lost Boys themed recipe which I did, and a vampire themed scrapbook which I'm working on, and a few other movie "props" which I have half the supplies for.)

I think I over thunk it.
I am going to continue on doing the 365 Days, just because I want to finish it.  Just, looks like at the moment, it's not going to be finished in 2013. This is what happens when you let a hobby get out of control, you set yourself up for a big bad. 
I've said it before, the reasons the One Movie a Day challenge worked last year was because I was stuck at home with my knee injury with nothing else to do, and because it was unplanned. I just one afternoon decided to start it while watching a movie.  

Love Ardeth Blood

Thursday, August 1, 2013

365 Days- Day 69

movie: Kiss of the Damned
starring: Milo Ventimiglia, Josephine de La Baume
genre: Drama
year: 2012
format: DVD

plot: A vampire couple have their world turned upside down, when the woman's sister comes to stay with them. The couple do not feed on humans and follow the laws of the local vampire community, the sister on the other hands rebels by not just feeding on humans but also by not burying them. Within a week, she's destroyed the relationship of the couple, and blackmailed one of the leaders in their community.

I know, I am breaking away from the franchises because I got my hands on a copy of this film and couldn't wait.
It had a tone to it that reminded me of both the movie the Hunger and of a few vampire films from the 1970's.  The first ten minutes is so rapid fire that it's almost difficult to keep up with.
The look of it is dark and gritty, which vampire films should be.
I have to admit, the accents that all the actors have made it difficult at times to catch all the dialog.

what do i think i learned from this film? Some relationships just can not be repaired.
This film seemed to be about manipulation more then anything else, and the lack of free will.  Right at the beginning of the movie, the lead female bites her boyfriend and pretty much takes away any chance he has to have a choice from then on.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

365 Days- Day 68

movie: Vampires the Turning
starring: Colin Egglesfield, Patrick Bauchau
genre: Action, Martial Arts,
year: 2005
format: DVD

plot:After his girlfriend is kidnapped by a vampire, a martial arts fighter ends up becoming a member of a team of vampire hunters in order to save her. And in order to get the advantage, becomes a vampire himself.

Not a lot of plot here. Good guy vamps all around vs the bad guy vamps, with the hunters for hire being almost an after thought. This has many of the main elements from the first two movies in the John Carpenter's series - the way the hunters trap and kill the vampires, the fact they are paid to do so by the Vatican, and that they work as a team to get rid of nests. It's also a Destination Film like the second movie. But, even though it is the third film in the trilogy, and the menu has a shot of the vampire from the first film, it does not have John Carpenter's name the title. 

I have to say, I just finished watching this and can't tell you half of what happened. It's just that forgettable- and I've seen it twice before so go figure.

what do i think i learned from this film? Sometimes the bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys.