Friday, October 26, 2012

Recap of Mockingbird Lane

The pilot episode of the hopefully new show Mockingbird Lane, was interesting, entertaining and silly.

I have to say, I went on record (in the GetGlue thread for the show) saying that I think the weak link is the casting of Jerry O'Connell.  That was for the first half of the show, but midway, I sort of changed my mind.
The choice of Eddie Izzard as Grandpa was brilliant. 
The wardrobe given to Portia de Rossi, was a bit much.  The clothes did not suite the character at all. But her acting was just smug enough to hint at the fangs she's suppose to have.

The plot itself, felt rushed.  It would have been better if this had been a two hour movie. 
Personally, I'm in for this being expanded on and becoming a new series.  Even a short 8 part mini-series would make happy.   This has so much potential but I don't think it was given enough time on air in only an hour.

The oneliners were spot on, with jokes like telling Eddie he couldn't have any vegetables till he ate his meat.

I hope that NBC seriously considers giving this an honest try in a few months.

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