Tuesday, March 26, 2013

365 Days- Day 51

movie: The Hunger
starring: Catherine Denuve, David Bowie
genre: Romance
year: 1983
format: VHS

plot: A centuries old vampire has begun to age rapidly, and searches out a doctor who specializes in genetics.  But, with only 48 hours to find a cure, he ends up having to be entombed in a box, left to live out eternity in strange state of continuing to mummify and still be aware of it.  Meanwhile, his lover who is a vampire who's been around since the beginning of creation, has begun to find a replacement for him, in the form of the female doctor who was trying to help cure him.  The doctor, is then made into a vampire against her will, with little hope to save herself.

This is based on the novel by Whitley Strieber and spawned the short lived television series, which also starred David Bowie.

Cult classic.  This movie is one of the most enduring vampire movies around. It's themes are addiction, illusion, lust, greed, desperation, time, and co-dependence.  
The lead character of Miriam is cold in her approach to humans, but simply unable to spend time without them.  It's not even about the feeding or even the sex as much as it is about the idea that she just can not seem to deal with the thought of being alone. Of not having someone worship her.
The flash backs are short and confusing at times.  We learn that she originally met her husband John (if the mummy count is right, he's lover #7) during the 1700's-1800's, and it seems has told him about the possibility (as we learn the certainty) that he might being to age at some point and becoming a mummified living corpse. You almost get the feeling that the previous lovers were unaware of the fact till it was too late.
This sort of rewrites the myths of vampirism up to that point, dropping the cinema's rules and pulling a bit from folklore (they can be out in the day, they have reflections and can be seen in photos and on video)

what do i think i learned from this film?
Seduction can sometimes come with a price all it's own, just because you are looking to be seduced does not mean that you need to be.  Love, as much as we want to believe is forever, it too will fade.
Energy does not die, but it can be displaced with the idea of time. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

365 Days- Day 50

movie: Stay Alive
starring: Jon Foster, Jimmi Simpson
genre: Horror
year: 2006
format: DVD

plot: A video gamer tester and his roommates die in the same way that their characters did in the game, and the game ends up being passed on to one of his buddies, Hutch.  One of Hutch's friends decides to have a group game night in honor of their dead buddy.  It's a game based on the legend of Countess Bathory, a woman accused of draining young girls of their blood.  Soon, members of the group end up dead, in the same way their characters in the game die. Hutch and the others need to find a way to stop the vampire's killing before it's too late.

What I love about this film, is that it mixes elements of real folklore, from use of roses and coffin nails as weapons, (the kids have to nail the ghost to the vampire's body) to the actual history of Bathory.  I also love that the game is a metaphor itself for vampirism.
The idea that they unwittingly hold a seance when they start the game, allowing the vampire to awake and send it's astral self through the game is genius. The mood of this movie is dark, and plays well with the shadows always having something just out of the corner of your eye.

My version is the director's cut, which has about 12 minutes of extra footage and an added character than the theatrical version.

what do I think I learned from this film? This deals with the idea of  perceptive reality. What you know to be solid and real is only one version of the truth, and you can control the outcome if you are willing to believe in something else. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

365 Days-Day 49

Dracula the Series- Episode 10 Mind over Matter

We open with the kids searching old ruins looking to hunt vampires. They end up stumbling upon a coffin that says Vlad Tepes, which is Dracula's (Lucard) tomb.

We then go to a rehearsal for a tv talk show, where Gustav and a couple of psychics are the day's guests. We learn that they are pretty much the typical con artists.
Back at the house, the kids research proves that Dracula still needs to rest in the tomb every so often, and they plot to go there and stake the tomb.
Dracula's place, and we see him making popcorn and getting ready to watch the talk show that Gustav is on. We see Dracula sending telepathic messages to the psychic, which freaks Gustav out.
We then see the kids roaming around the ruins, at night and find the tomb open suddenly.
The next morning, back at the house, we see the kids packing all the vampire hunting tools they can into a pack and getting ready to go back to the tomb.
Max heads to the tomb for first watch. He ends up seeing someone running around with a flaming torch, thinking it's Dracula.  Chris and Sophie show up as back up, but are spooked when they see a woman coming out of the tunnels under the tomb. It ends up being the psychic from the talk show. She tells them she was drawn there by a voice in her head, just as Dracula shows up. He empties their weapon pack, cornering them. The psychic tries to leave but gets caught by Dracula.
Back at the house, Gustav is writing a letter to someone, and then we're taken right back to the tomb and Max brings up the question of who's in the coffin if Dracula was not there a few minutes before? Dracula tells them that it's empty, just a decoy for people like them and movie fans. But the coffin opens and we see the psychic send a telepathic message to Gustav which he ends up writing in the middle of his letter.
Meanwhile, back in the tomb, we learn that the psychic's husband has been hiding in the coffin, and claims it's his powers that brought her to the tomb. He's been turned into a vampire, and claims that he's the most powerful vampire ever.  Which of course gets on Dracula's last nerve and he is about to stake the husband, but he turns himself into a rabbit. Dracula then turns his attention back to the psychic, about to bite her when Gustav shows up with weapons. Dracula then disappears laughing.
Gustav and the psychic then take the kids home, leaving the husband who is now a rabbit in the tomb.

The next morning, back at the house, Gustav tells the kids he knows all about all of Dracula's extra coffins, that they are placed all over the world to fool those who shouldn't be trying to hunt him.

Friday, March 22, 2013

365 Days- Day 48

Dracula the Series- Episode 9 Damsel in Distress

We open with Max making a mess while trying to create a surprise for his mom.  She then comes into the room and tells him that she's unable to keep their plans, which she does in a very robotic way.
We then see her in a meeting, representing Lucard Industries.  The business manager makes a pass at her, and is unnerved when she suggests Lucard join them.
Back at the house, Gustav consoles the kids about how they were brushed off by their mom. He calls her at work and is mystified when she tells him to leave her alone.  We then see her with Lucard in his office.
Meanwhile, the kids return from the park for dinner to find that their mother never came home and never bothered to call.  Then the man she'd had the meeting with shows up with flowers for her. Gustav takes the message and the flowers, reading the note they realize that their mom is working with Lucard.
The kids decide to rescue their mom from the castle on their own.
Back at the castle, their mom and Lucard are on a business date, where he shows off an original painting of himself by van Gogh. Just then the kids arrive to save her, not knowing that she's already turned into a vampire.
Gustav then shows up at the company of the man who had shown up at the house earlier, and we find out that he's a vampire as well.
Back at the house, the kids try to figure out what to do about everything, and then learn that Gustav has been baited into a trap.  We then see Gustav at the castle being put into the basement. We learn that Lucard is planning a massive worldwide business take over, putting as many vampires into as many CEO positions as possible.
The kids then show up at the castle to try to rescue both Gustav and their mom. They get caught have to kill a few vampires. They rescue Gustav and decide that the best way to save their mom is to seal her up in a tomb. Meanwhile, Lucard is trying to convince their mom that she needs to turn the kids in order to fully enjoy being a vampire. They end up in a battle but their mom is unable to turn her own family, and it seems to break the spell Lucard has over her. Gustav then makes a final statement by staking the painting which burns when the wooden stake hits it. (sort of a nod to Dorian Grey)
The next morning, Gustav and the kids try to piece everything together, and realize that their mom doesn't remember anything.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

365 Days- Day 47

movie: Roger Corman Presents Dracula Rising
starring: Doug Wert, Christopher Atkins
genre: Horror
year: 1993
format: VHS

plot: At an art gallery fundraiser, a young female artist meets Vlad, who she's instantly attracted to. Soon, she starts to have odd dreams about him. Within days, she's offered a job in Romania restoring a painting from the 1400's. She arrives to find herself face to face with Vlad, and learns that the dreams are actually memories from a past life they shared when he was a monk. Meanwhile, the two lovers are being tormented by another person from their shared past, whom just happens to be another vampire.

This movie was done back in the early 1990's when few movies were being produced in Transylvania. The plot is thin, but the locations are breathtaking. 

The movie is told mostly in flash backs, more so then even the modern half.  I sometimes wonder if this wouldn't have worked better having been strictly set in the middle ages and only given the modern scenes a tale end, instead of being cut back and forth between them.
I also, can't help but think of Star Wars during parts of this movie.  We learn that Vlad is the son of Vlad the Impaler, and in one of the flashbacks, he's being "tempted from the light to the dark side" by his father - who is wearing a long black outfit, cape and mask- and the final scene has the main character dressed in a tanned colour outfit that just seems like it's right out of Luke Skywalker's wardrobe.
There are a lot of really cheesy one liners, which are all delivered by Doug Wert who plays Alec the evil vampire, but it's what gives this film it's punch. 

what do i think i learned from this film?
"Hunger makes beasts of men, and demons of beasts"   (quote from the last scene in the film)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

365 Days- Day 46

Dracula the Series- Episode 8 What A Pleasant Surprise

We open with a black and white movie that Gustav and Max are watching, it's an old vampire movie. Gustav is gushing about the actor, and ends up hurting himself as he does an impression of the character. As the cinema empties, we see Lucard standing in the lobby.

Back at the house, the kids are having breakfast, talking about sports. Gustav finds out that Lucard Industry is buying the old cinema, and thinks there is a vampire related reason for it, he tells the kids to start doing research on the building while he goes to city hall.
Meanwhile, at Dracula's office, he finds out about the issue with Gustav and pays someone off to keep Gustav from interfering.
Gustav then goes back to the house to get his hunter's kit, believing something personal about the cinema is the real reason Lucard Industries is buying it.  He then goes to the cinema to search for answers.
Meanwhile, Max  puts an ad in the newspaper saying that he's looking for information on the cinema, and for anyone who might have any to come there that night and ask for him.  Unknown to him, Max has just put out a public invitation to all the vampires in the town.
Back at the cinema, Gustav discovers that the actor from the movie they had been watching earlier, is in fact a vampire and has been hiding in the cinema basement all these years.
Back at the house, the kids hear a knock on the door and find their mom has arrived for a visit.
Back at the cinema, Gustav is star struck by his favourite actor, who is planning his return to movies, and telling Gustav why he became a vampire to begin with. He tries to bite him, but is unable to stomach the idea which is why he's been hiding for all these years. They end up talking about all the movies he did before becoming a vampire, and he tells Gustav about how he met Dracula back in the 1930's, and if he'd known back then that "real vampires" could not show up on film/photos he would never have become one.
Dracula then shows up  and we learn that he but a curse on the cinema, trapping the vampire movie star in the basement, but that now the curse has worn off.  This is the reason he bought the cinema, so that he could tear it down and build something new, which would destroy the vampire movie star's resting place. The two vampires then fight, and the vampire movie star grabs a stake from Gustav's hunter's kit, forcing Dracula to flee. He then turns the stake on himself and fades into nothing, the sound of a movie reel flickering behind him.
The next day, back at the house, the kids find out that Max's ad in the paper was what tipped him off the night before, and why he showed up at the cinema.  We then see Dracula in his office in a business meeting with the kid's mom.

This episode guest stars Kim Coats (Innocent Blood, Red Blooded American Girl) as the movie star vampire.  It also starts a small arch in which Dracula starts to turn his attention to  the women of the show.  (giving a slight nod to Lost Boys)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

365 Days- Day 45

Dracula the Series- Episode 7 A Little Nightmare Music

 We open with Lucard as a bat flying over the city, then see a woman painting, whom he stumbles upon and asks him if he wants his painting done?  She takes his photograph to study from, but he doesn't have an image in it.  He then bites her.

Back at the house, Chris is hanging out playing the guitar, Max and Gustav pretending to listen, teasing him about his lack of talent. Sophie then runs in telling them that a socialite came to her music class. She informs them that she's been picked to be the personal assistant for her.
We then see Sophie and the socialite walking around the city, talking about classical music. We then see Lucard and the socialite back at his office having a drink, talking about having known each other before.
Back at the house, we see the kids all talking about music again, both Sophie and Max referring to the socialite and how cool they think she is.
Back at Dracula's castle, the socialite and Dracula are having a private dinner to set up a charity event. He then gets a message and leaves one of his co-workers (vampires) there and we learn she's a vampire as well.
The next morning, once again we see Sophie and the socialite having coffee and talking about all the charity work she has to do.  And Sophie learns that the socialite is staying at the castle.
Back at the house, Chris is trying to impress uncle Gustav with a song he wrote, when Sophie arrives back and starts to collect up a bunch of vampire hunting tools. She runs out of the house again, just as Max arrives back there. They discover the missing hunter's tools and figure out that Sophie has headed to the castle.
Back at the castle, we see the socialite and Sophie trying to warn her, not knowing that she's a vampire as well. Gustav and the two boys show up at the castle just as Sophie is fighting off the vampire.  Dracula shows up and learns that the socialite is not what he thought.(it's hinted that she might be the Countess Bathory)  The two vampires battle, and he gives her the choice of leaving or being staked.  Sophie at first wonders why Dracula saved her, only to find out its because he wants to kill her himself to punish Gustav.  The others arrive before Dracula can bit Sophie, saving her.

We are then at a bar where Chris is suppose to be having a gig, but the place is empty, the only ones there being Max, Sophie, Gustav and the bartender. Outside, we see the socialite trying to convince another young girl to become her personal assistant.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

365 Days- Day 44

Kindred the Embraced- Episode 4 Romeo and Juliet

We open with Cash and Sasha having a secret meeting in an abandoned apartment.
We then see Eddie and some of his clan talking about how they had to kill a Gangrel and how it's going to start a clan war. Trying to figure out who might be on their side if it does happen.
Back to the secret apartment that isn't so secret, as Cash learns about the murdered clan member, and leaves Sasha to get some sort of revenge on the Brujah.
We then are at Lillie's club, where Eddie and his clan of Brujah arrive, and both Luna and Lillie who happen to be watching from a back room, comment on the fact that only the men showed up and none of the women. Cash and his Gangrel clan then show up.  Sasha, has followed him, and Lillie comments on how much in love they are.  Luna points out that Sasha is just human and that she needs to be protected from the vampires. One of the Brujah seeing the interaction between Sasha and Cash decides to make a pass at her, and she uses him to make Cash jealous. But Luna steps in giving Eddie the idea of how to destroy him. Eddie puts a plan into motion to throw Luna into a clan war.
Back at the mansion, Cash and Luna are talking about how to stop the clan war, and Cash asks for permission to make her a vampire. Luna forbids it.
The next day at the newspaper, Luna and Caitlin are going over a story that will expose abuse at a children's hospital, when Luna realizes that one of the main doctors at the hospital is a vampire. Luna then goes to see Daedalus asking him to clean up the mess that is the situation at the hospital.
Daedalus kills the doctor, but is spotted by one of the kids. Daedalus takes the boy home with him, and finds out that the kid is dying. Luna shows up, and the kid lets them know that he can see that they are not human. Daedalus asks for Luna to turn him into a vampire, and is refused.  Luna reminds him that it's against all laws to turn a child into a vampire, even though the kid is dying.
Back at the club, Sasha shows up to talk to Luna and Lillie, begging him to let the two of them continue their relationship, threatening to run away with Cash if he keeps refusing to let them.  She then tells Luna that she knows they are different from herself, thinking it's got something to do with just living outside of the law.
We then see Luna and Cash talking, and Luna giving Cash permission to turn her.  Cash then goes to the apartment, and finds Sasha being bitten and turned against her will, by the Brujah from the club who made the pass at her.
Back at the mansion, Luna is told by his sire that he's going to commit suicide soon, and will be leaving everything to Luna.  Cash barges in screaming about how the Brujah clan embraced Sasha against her will. Luna then goes running into Eddie's office informing him that because his clan member broke the number one law of turning someone without permission against their will, they will be hunted down. Eddie tells him he doesn't care and if that means a war then fine. Luna demands both his niece and the one who turned her, or else he is going to kill Eddie.
Back at the mansion, Lillie tries to comfort Luna.  
We then go to the hospital, and see Sonny and another detective going through the remains of the dead doctor just as Frank shows up. 
Back in Daedalus' cellar, we see him painting a picture of the boy, and Luna asking what will the Nosferatu clan will do if there is a clan war. Daedalus says at first they will not join either side.  Luna finds the boy hiding under the stairs and tells him to send the boy away. He takes him back to the hospital, and the kid begs him to give him something to keep him from dying, but Daedalus says no. Sonny and Frank show up there to talk to him about the murdered doctor and the abuse, but the kid refuses to talk in front of Sonny because he knows he's a vampire.
We are then back at the club, where Sasha jumps on the back of Cash's bike and they ride off away from both Gangrel and Brujah clans who are hanging out there.  She then learns that Luna is the prince of the city and that their clans are brutal enemies.
Back in the club after hours, and Lillie, Luna and his sire are talking about what to do with Eddie and his clan. A clan war could expose the whole vampire world to humans. Lillie points out that Luna is acting right then from personal feelings and not by what is right.
We then see Cash and Sasha at sunrise, as she learns that she needs to feed and Cash offers his own blood to her.
We then see Frank and Sonny once again with the kid trying to get him to talk about the murder, and where he had been for two days.  Caitlin shows up then trying to get an interview with the kid. The kid meanwhile sees Daedalus in the hallway and follows him to the basement. Frank chases him, and Sonny exposes himself saving him. Sonny then uses mindcontrol on Frank to make him forget that he learned about him being a vampire.
We then see Caitlin and Luna talking about the news story, and why he gave a large donation suddenly to the hospital, and if he killed the doctor. He admits to her that he's not completely what she thinks he is.
Back at the hospital Daedalus gives the kid a small potion of herbs and his own blood which curse the kid of the cancer.
We then see Caitlin and Luna talking at night by a fountain, and her telling him that they found the kid wandering and that he some how went into complete remission.
Next scene is an old warehouse where the Brujah and Venture clans are at a stand off, and the other clans are standing around in the sidelines waiting to see what will happen. Both Luna and Eddie face off, just as Lillie arrives with Sasha and Cash. Sasha begs Luna not to start a clan war just because of her. She at first offers to go with the Brujah, but before anything else can happen, Daedalus shows up with his Nosferatu clan and demands the life of the vampire who turned Sasha. They kill the one clan member, and then put Eddie in a car, while Sasha makes her choice as to where she will live.  By choosing to live with Luna instead of with the clan, they have chanced a major law.
We then see the car stop at the desert and Eddie being dumped out. The sun starts to burn him, just as Luna arrives in a second car, telling Eddie that he's spared his life this time and opens the trunk of the car for him.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

365 Days- Day 43

movie: Dracula 3 Legacy
starring: Jason Scott Lee, Jason London
genre: Drama
year: 2005
format: DVD

plot: Five years after the events of the first two films, we find Uffizi and Luke in Romania, in the heart of Transylvania, hunting for Dracula and trying to save Elizabeth. What they find is a group of rebels and a civil war everyone believes is being run by a drug lord. A missing news reporter joins the two men as they journey to one of Dracula's old castles where he's hiding in plan sight.

Once again, the actor playing Dracula has been recast, with Rutger Hauer playing him.
The drug references hit a peak when the heroes finally storm the castle and find Elizabeth in a pit with other vampires, all feeding off each other in a euphoric state. Dracula comments that this is because these vampires still had some of their humanity and could not bring themselves to feed off of humans, but that this would lead to complete madness for them.
There is a scene at the end, where Uffizi drinks from Dracula, taking into himself the very essence of him. Thus becoming another reincarnation of Dracula. 

Other then saying how much I liked this film and the series, the only thing I can really comment on is the question that both sequels bring up from Dracula 2000, and that's if at the end of the first movie the character of Mary said she had the remains of Dracula in a tomb, then how did he end up in the morgue in part two?  I've always wondered that.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Sometimes, having faith in something means turning our backs on the people who gave us that first reason to believe.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

365 Days- Day 42

movie: Wes Craven's Dracula 2 Ascension
starring: Jason London, Stephen Billington
genre; Thriller
year: 2003
format: DVD

plot: The body of Dracula arrives in the morgue after having been burned, and the coroner enlists her co-workers to steal it in order to save her dying boyfriend. Meanwhile a priest who is a vampire himself is out to destroy the remains first.

This is a straight to video sequel to Dracula 2000 (Day 41)

The actor who plays Dracula in this film, has short bleached hair making him look like what Anne Rice's Lestat sort of is suppose to look like.  This is explained by adding the plot line that vampires change the way they look because they regenerate.  I know it started as a way to explain why the actor is different, but I think it's a brilliant explanation as to why too certain vampires are not suppose to have reflections when others don't.
This film also pulls from folklore having the vampire unable to pass up counting seeds or to untie knots.
And following with the idea of Dracula connecting to Mary in the first film, each time someone in this film is infected with the vampire's blood, he has a psychic link established, with visions and what almost seems like a mind control.

what do i think i learned from this film?
If you are going to have faith in someone and follow them blindly, always know the whole story as to why.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

365 Days- Day 41

movie: Dracula 2000
starring: Johnny Lee Miller, Gerard Butler
genre: Thriller
year: 2000
format: DVD

plot: Dracula had been captured by Van Helsing in 1897, only to be set free in 2000 by a group of unknowing bank robbers. While having been entombed for over a hundred years, Dracula started to have visions of a woman who he learns is Van Helsing's daughter, and sets out to find her in New Orleans. He learns that the reason Van Helsing is still alive is because he has been transfusing himself with Dracula's blood.

This is one of my favourite modern takes on Dracula. I know there has been literally thousands of Dracula based stories, but there is something about this movie that hits home for me.
This is a Wes Craven film, and it's got  dramatic vampire actor Christopher Plummer (Priest, Red Blooded American Girl, Vampire in Venice, )
This is one of the first vampire movies to try to connect the dots with why certain vampires are affected by crosses and silver. This film gives us a mythos that goes back to the time of Christ, weaving into the back story some real history beyond the usual.
I also really like the idea that since Van Helsing has been stealing Dracula's blood, his daughter is technically a decedent of Dracula himself.  It gives a new spin on the folklore of the dhampir.

what do i think i learned from this film?
There is always two sides to every story, and we have to be willing to listen to both sides no matter how painful.

Monday, March 4, 2013

365 Days- Day 40

movie: The Little Vampire
starring: Jonathan Lipnicki,  Rollo Weeks
genre: Family, Comedy
year: 2000
format; DVD

plot: After moving to Scotland a young boy starts to have dreams about a group of vampires and a hunter who is after them.  Unable to make any friends at school, he retreats more and more into the idea of the dreams, until one night he actually meets one of the child vampires he's been dreaming about.  The two become friends, and begin searching for a missing necklace that can help to free all the vampires in the area from a curse.

This is based on a series of children's books from the 1980's and an original tv show of the same name.

This is one of those cute movies that has a good moral without coming across as preachy or dumbed down.  It's about standing up for yourself, but showing tolerance to people who are different.

what do i think i learned from this film?
In the end, everyone is equal

Friday, March 1, 2013

Kindred the Embraced part 3

Kindred the Embraced -Episode 3 Nightstalker

We open with Lillie's club where we see a female singer whom Daedalus is infatuated with. A stranger wanders into the club, and Cash tries to find out who he is. It ends up, he was turned without permission. The new vampire starts to destroy the club, and is arrested. Cash ends up getting himself arrested too in order to protect the new vampire.  Meanwhile, Daedalus has started to send gifts to the singer, following her around town.
We then see the female singer's apartment, where Daedalus is hiding in the shadows.
The next morning, we see that both Cash and the new vampire are not in jail but in the mental hospital, because the new vampire is screaming that he's a vampire. We then learn that he was turned by a female vampire when he was in the hospital a while before. Cash tricks a hospital staff member into entering the room and lets the new vampire feed. But warns the new vampire not to turn anyone or to kill, only feed a little on any one person.
Back at the mansion, Luna and his sire are talking about the new vampire, who we now know is called Starkweather.  Sasha overhears part of the conversation and freaks out on Luna, wondering why he has not gotten Cash out of the hospital's mental ward yet.
As we learn more about Starkweather, we discover he's had a history of violent rages. and kills a doctor. Just as Luna and Sasha arrive to get Cash out. But Starkweather has escaped.
Frank and Sonny are put on the case, and they meet Caitlin who is covering the story for the paper.
Back at the mansion, Sonny, Luna, Cash and the other clan leaders realize Starkweather was made by a Gangrel which is Cash's clan. This makes Gangrel is responsibility.  They then start to discuss Frank's involvement in the case. Sonny promises to keep Frank on a short leash. A bloodhunt is called on Starkweather.
Daedalus and Luna then have a private meeting, to talk about how he could spend time with the female singer, which would need a ritual to change the way he looks.
Starkweather then goes to his dad's place for revenge for the abuse he suffered growing up.
We then see Caitlin having a private dinner with Luna.
Back at the singer's apartment, and she finds a necklace that Daedalus has left for her. He starts to talk to her from the window, not letting her see him yet. He uses a simple spell to clam her down, and allow him to have a conversation with her. The whole time thinking he's too much of a monster for her to care for him.
Next morning, Frank and Sonny show up on the crime scene of Starkweather's father, and they realize that he's a vampire.
A week later, we see the newspaper has reported on all his crimes, painting Starkweather as a serial killer. Luna want's to shut the story down but Caitlin says it's too late, the public needs to know.  We then see Daedalus mixing up a potion to make himself "pretty". Lillie goes to talk to him, convincing him that the truth in this situation would be better then using a spell to lie to the singer.
We then see Frank at the diner where Luna shows up giving full permission to do what he has to with the Starkweather case.
Back once again at the singer's apartment, and Daedalus seduces her. The next morning, he wakes up and discovers the potion has worn off and runs away. She catches him leaving and is scared.
The press then show up, and the singer believes who she saw was the serial killer. The whole time, Starkweather was in the crowd and starts telling people that the girl is lying about having seen the serial killer.
We then see Luna and Lillie at the club talking about how they need to distance themselves from that side of their natures, to try to be more human. This then turns to a discussion on if they should turn Sasha into a vampire or not.
Outside of the girl's apartment, we see that Starkweather has kidnapped her.  
Back at the mansion, Luna and Daedalus are talking about the potion, and see the photo of the killer and realize he's got the girl.  They call Frank and tell him to show up at the club. Frank shows up there with his vampire gun, but gets knocked out by the killer and half strangled. Luna shows up with a large knife, but Starkweather grabs the gun. He misses and Luna decapitates him.
We see the first real sign of a truce between Frank and Luna. 
The last scene of this episode is Luna at Caitlin's apartment, her telling him that they caught the killer.

House of Frankenstein 1997

movie: House of Frankenstein 1997
starring: Adrian Pasdar, Greg Wise
genre: Crime
year: 1997
format: VHS

plot: Dracula, in his modern identity, has a goth club where he's put on display some of the classic images from horror, his crowning glory being the actual Frankenstein creature which he had dug up from the north pole. Meanwhile, there are a string of violent murders happening to everyone who is connected to the club.
The girlfriend of the cop who is assigned to the case, is bitten by a werewolf and turns into one herself. 

This is a made for tv movie

This is sort of a remake of the classic 1944 film of the same name. I say sort of because it only takes about one element from the original.  This was a two part movie that aired a few nights after Halloween in 1997.  Yes, the year is part of the movie's title.

One of the theories they use in this movie is that vampires are actually fallen angels.Therefore, bringing back the idea of Christian religious symbols affecting them. (because their only natural predator is the Christian god) The vampires in this movie have reflections, can go out in the day and can only be killed by stake or fire.   The werewolf is treated like a virus that can be cured, which the lead character manages to do.
The main themes in this movie are free will and faith.  One example being when the police captain refuses to send any backup for the lead character and all the other cops hand in their badges offering to go anyway to help.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Sometimes something is just what it seems, nothing more nothing less. 

Kindred the Embraced continued

Kindred the Embraced- Episode 2 Prince of the City

We open with Frank and Sonny in their boss's office, talking about Eddie being their next target and Frank tells his boss that he wants to go after Luna. His boss tells him to back down and stick with their original stakeout on the Docks for Eddie.
We then see them at the docks later that night, setting up their mole. The mole lets them know that Eddie is evil but even he bows down to Luna.  We follow the mole into the stakeout as he is figured out by Eddie. They find the wire then kill him just as the cops storm the place. Frank hears the mole screaming and when he finds him with a stake in the chest, he tries to pull the stake out and is accused of killing him.
As Frank begins walking home, he sees a wolf which turns into Eddie. Eddie then threatens him, telling him that if he doesn't leave him and his businesses alone, he will kill him no matter what Luna has said about protecting Frank.
We next see Sasha in jail after having stopped a bar fight. Luna shows up to bail her out, and tells her that part of the bail agreement was for her to stay at the mansion. She asks him why, and he tells her that he's alone now.
The next morning, back at the police station, we learn that Frank's fingerprints are the only ones on the stake they pulled out of the mole, and tell him that the whole station thinks he's insane with his talking about vampires.
Next we see Cash move into the guest house at the mansion, where he and Sasha meet. Luna informs Cash that he's not allowed to hang out with Sasha.  We then see Lillie and Luna back at her club, where a reporter shows up; Caitlin. Lillie realizes right off that Caitlin will end up being trouble for her relationship with Luna. He offers to give her an interview if she goes to dinner with him.
Next morning, we see Frank in a diner where Luna shows up just before sunrise, and we learn that if the vampires feed they can go into the sun. Luna tells Frank that there are vampires in every sort of job, and to understand that even his police station is filled with vampires. He tells Frank that if he gets proof that Eddie is doing his business dirty, then he will take care of it.
Then we see Sonny and Frank in a library doing research on vampires, which Sonny already knows because he's a vampire but Frank does not know this yet. Sonny tries to get Frank to give up his obsession but for no use.
We then see Caitlin and Luna at dinner for their interview, which quickly becomes personal. Caitlin, like most people think Luna is just a mob boss, and asks him about his connections.
We then see Cash and Sasha working on their motorcycles, flirting. Cash tries to back off telling her that they are not the same kind, and that Luna would kill him if they got together.  They kiss, and Sasha talks him into taking her to Lillie's club.
Lillie wants Luna to kill Caitlin because she's afraid of her past coming out. This is the second time that Luna remarks about Lillie being as beautiful as the Toreador clan and as vicious as the Nosferatu clan. He then tells her that he's going to shut the reporter Caitlin up by buying the newspaper. He then sees Cash and Sasha together in the bar and gets angry, when he finds out she lied to Cash and that Cash fell for it. He orders Cash to take her home.
We then see Eddie ordering Frank's capture, alive, toying with the idea of turning him.
Next morning, we see Caitlin arrive home to find Luna standing on her doorstep. And the beginning of a relationship is hinted at. She invites him in and offers to make him something to eat, letting him know that she has not found anything that would suggest he's in the mob but still wondering who he really is.
Back at the club, Lillie taunts Luna about his date, and Frank shows up meeting Lillie officially. Lillie lets him know that she knows he knows about them. Frank then hands Luna a ring, and asks him to use his vampire powers to get a vision from the ring as to who the killer of their mole was.
Back to Eddie and Sonny as they discuss how to destroy Luna's credit with the clans.
Back then at the mansion, and we learn that Sonny is actually undercover for Luna. Their problem is getting rid of Eddie without starting a clan war, and the topic of Frank then comes up again.
We see Frank back at his apartment, where he gets another phone call from the voice telling him that he dropped off a phosphorus gun, because the Prince of the City wants him safe.
Back at the mansion, we see all the clan leaders sitting around the meeting table passing around the ring for a vision. Which we learn is one of Eddie's men. Luna declares that the hitman will be killed, and asks the rest of the leaders what they think about how to handle Eddie. It ends up being a split vote with everyone agreeing on killing the hitman, but not about Eddie. 
Frank's apartment, and there is a vampire in his living room, whom he shoots with the phosphorus gun. We then see a secret meeting between Frank and Luna, with Luna warning him to be careful.
Luna then shows up at Caitlin's the next day, and offers her the editing job that is now open at her paper, letting her know that he bought the paper.
Another night scene, and we see Luna back at his mansion with his sire who is warning him to back off from the reporter and to not get any deeper in a relationship.
We see Luna again looking over the edge of the city and turns into a bird, before appearing at Caitlin's window.


Okay, I just spent over 2 hours doing the first part of today's mini-marathon, which I posted at 11:04am, EST,  only to find out just now that it was sent back to draft with the last two paragraphs not there.
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365 Days -Day 39

Kindred the Embraced- Episode 1 The Original Saga

We open with a chase across a roof, then cut to two cops talking about why they are after this guy. He's actually the henchman to Luna, whom the one detective -Frank- is after. Part because Luna is believed to be a mob boss and part because Frank is dating Luna's ex-girlfriend Alexandra. We then see the guy they are chasing get staked and the two who did it jump off a building without getting hurt.  This is our introduction to the Gangrels and Brujah clans.
We are then in the morgue with Frank and the doctor discussing the fact the body burst into flames on it's own.
We are then taken to the mansion of Luna and the house for the Venture clan. 
Frank then is out to dinner with Alexandra, whom  he's having an affair with, trying to get more information out of her about Luna. She leaves for the bathroom where she feeds off of another woman getting a few drops of her blood on her dress.  They then go back to her house, while Luna has gone to dinner with Lillie, the leader of the Toreador clan.
Luna and Lillie discuss how to keep their businesses from being taken from them.  They bump into Cash, the new leader of the Gangrel clan and Luna offers a security job to Cash. The group are then gunned down by another clan from the back of a moving car. The cops show up just after it happens, and Frank and Luna threaten each other.
Lillie and Luna return to the mansion and Luna goes into the basement to talk to Daedauls, the leader of the Nosferatu clan. He asks him to convince Eddie -leader of the Brujah- to step back. He then tells him to head to the morgue and get the remains of the body.
Just before the coroner is attacked, he calls Frank and informs him that the body is not that of a young man but one that appears to be at lest 100 years old. This tips Frank off that something supernatural is about to be uncovered.
Back at the mansion, we see Lillie and Luna in bed talking about how close Frank has gotten to uncovering the vampires, and whether or not they should enforce a law that would sentence Alexandra to death?  But before they can made a decision, Luna is told that who he believes is his last human relative is death. They begin planning a funeral for the grandson (who was in his 80's)
We are then given Luna's backstory, that he became a vampire when he lost his wife and wanted to commit suicide.
As he was leaving the mansion, Alexandra shows up asking permission to explain to Frank what they are. Luna then goes to the graveyard to visit his family plots. At the funeral, Luna is giving a speech about the legacy of the winery his grandson left but saying it as if he were just a business partner.  Then Sasha shows up, who we learn is Luna's great-granddaughter.
Meanwhile, Alexandra and Frank are back at her house, and we learn too that Frank's wife died as well, having committed suicide.
Back at the mansion, Luna and his sire are talking about how hard it is to survive through all the human wars.
We then see Alexandra and Frank again, talking about her garden which in a way is a metaphor for how the vampires look after humans.  Alexandra then spots a private detective of Luna's and after injuring him, threatens Luna. It becomes clear that they have to enforce the law on Alexandra.
Meanwhile, Lillie goes to see Eddie at his place to set up business contracts in exchange for Eddie killing Alexandra for her.
Back at the mansion, Luna has all the clan leaders together in the one room trying to figure out who it was that wanted Stevie dead. (the body at the beginning of the episode)  Eddie admits his the one, and that he's going to run for Prince of the City (aka the head mob boss) It quickly turns to a vote on enforcing the law against Alexandra, what they call a bloodhunt. Which is the killing of a vampire who has broken the laws. Meanwhile, Alexandra and Frank are back at her house, where she gives him a taste of her blood hoping it will help to explain to him what she is and what he's dealing with if he continues to go after Luna.  She explains to him that there is a price out on her and that she is breaking up with him. She then turns into a wolf and runs away.
Frank tells Sonny his partner, that what they are dealing with is vampires and that the bullets they found the other night at the club from the drive-by, was phosphorus and not the usual bullet. Sonny tries to talk him out of following the case, thinking that he's gone crazy.
Back at the mansion, Luna and Alexandra have one more secret meeting where Luna tells her to run away. She begs him to promise her that he will make sure nothing bad happens to Frank no matter how much trouble Frank creates for the vampires.
We then see Lillie and Luna talking about the whole situation, her jealousy shading how she cons him into giving her what she wants.
Meanwhile, Alexandra is being hunted by nearly all the clans till she manages to get caught by Daedalus. He slices her throat draining her, then drives her to the bridge and leaves her to the sunrise. But as he does he shows some pity and tells her she might survive if she can get into the water first.  Just as Alexandra is about to jump into the water, Frank shows up.
We hear him on the phone with someone who's voice has been masked, telling him where she is, taunting him.  She turns to look at Frank and the sun is up before she can jump into the water.  Bursting into flames before him.
We then see Frank later, getting another call at home from the strange voice telling him that he's Kindred and that Luna has protection orders on him. And that he'll feed him names of vampires Frank's allowed to kill.  We then learn it's Sonny and Eddie who made the calls, letting us believe Sonny was the mastermind behind the whole situation.
Back at Alexandra's garden, we see Luna and Frank each mourning her, each accused the other of killing her, Frank shoots Luna with the normal bullets which only knocks him down. This is basically two forms of law each staking claims on the city as both men vow to protect what they believe in. Then Frank picks up a locket that Luna had been looking at, and sees a vision of Alexandra moving around the garden.
We then see Luna standing over the edge of the city at night.