Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19th 2015

I came in here with the intention of catching up on a few posts.  Been too long since I bled all over this blog.

Since last time I post, which to my shock was almost a year ago, I've seen a few vampire movies. Haven't read any new books...all the way through that is.  I've been reading books to do with Vodun and Hoodoo more then fictional stuff, but every so often I pick up Vittorio The Vampire by Anne Rice and read a few pages.
No, I have not at this point gotten my hands on Prince me when I do that you will hear about. 

So what have I got to talk about right now?   The fact the second season of From Dusk till Dawn is scheduled to air in a few weeks.  And I do have a copy of the dvd for season one. I have yet to do a review of it as I have only watched the episodes and none of the special features/extras yet.

September 25th will be the release date for Hotel Transylvania 2.  Which I am extremely hyper for. I don't care that it is a cartoon geared for kids, it stands on it's own.

I did a vampire theme week the other month on my movie blog. At which point, I will come back here later and do write ups for each new movie that I saw in that time frame.

But, to round out year 3 of the movie blog's list of vampire movies...

Year 3 day 131- Vamp U

Year 3 day 130 - Halloween 6 Curse of Micheal Myers

Year 3 day 129 -The Tomb

Year 3 day 128- Doppleganger

Year 3 day 126- The Crow

Year 3 day 125- Knights of Badassdom

Year 3 day 123- Dracula Untold

I will, do full write ups on them too...when I have a bit more time.  I just wanted to come in and post something.

Till later.