Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If two lunatics were on a train

Doctor Seward has sent you this assignment. It's due before the end of class Agent 807. And do try to be neat.

Q: What was the disease that was focused on in the story Dracula?

A: Syphilis

Q: Why do you think that Bram Stoker used blood as the conductor in the novel?

A: Medical science was starting to uncover more at that time and fear ran amok. People of Victorian England were afraid of being contaminated by not just actual diseases like Syphilis, but by immigrants. Prostitution was on the rise at that time as well, which coupled with the idea of women gaining power, put fear of becoming "unclean" in the minds of many.

Q: What is Renfield's Syndrome?

A: The name given to the disorder (mental as this disease has no way been proven to be connected to a physical issue) where one is driven to search out blood with the idea they must drink it or starve.

Q: Who first called it that and why?

A: Psychologist Richard Noll (or Nole? not too sure on the spelling) He named it after the character in the novel who is obsessed with the idea of eating(drinking) blood from smaller creatures in fear that if he did not, he would loose power. (though the power is never spelled out that way the book keeps saying lives/souls)

Very nicely done Agent 807 . This has brought your grade up to a B-

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