Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let Me In (2010)

This is a remake of a Swedish film Let The Right One In (2008).
Originally based on a book as well.

I know that when I first saw this the original version back in 2009, I had mixed feelings on it.  Sitting down and watching the English version, I still have mixed feelings.  (maybe I need to read the book?)

Plot:  12 year old Owen is being bullied at school. Abby moves in next door with her dad.  Soon the bodies start to pile up and we learn that Abby is a vampire and her dad is not really her dad, he's her familiar.  Once Owen and Abby realize they have a budding romance, Abby does everything possible to keep Owen safe.

The questions here are what are we willing to do for dignity and desire?  There is a scene where Abby climbs into bed naked with Owen after having killed her familiar.
As a straight up vampire film, it's brilliant.  The subplots of pre-teen self awareness and unconditional love are something you don't see done honestly in any genre.

This film is as brutal as it is honest, which at times can be very disturbing to sit through. 

If you have seen the original version, there isn't much difference in the English one.  From what I can tell, it was shot scene for scene. 

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