Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random vampire stuff Nov 14th

With only a mire few hours left before the release of the final chapter of Twilight, I couldn't let it go past without saying something.

Only, as I sat down to write this, I half way changed my mind.
Over the course of the next week, millions of bloggers, movie critics/reviewers, fans and anyone who manages so see the film will have something to say.  Good, bad or otherwise.

I have to say right off, to the fans who stood in line to get opening night tickets and tickets for the marathon tomorrow in cinemas worldwide, you're braver then I am. For the people who bought their advance tickets online, you're smarter then I am.

It's pretty much sold out here in my area in advance tickets for the full weekend.  I will be getting around to seeing this at some point in the next week, just not right away.

But it's all anyone seems to be talking about. I'm seeing Team Edward and Team Jacob t-shirts being dusted off and worn in all their faded glory, on the streets of my city.
Seeing people in the waiting rooms of doctor's offices reading extremely worn copies of the books, large sales at the stores for copies of the previous four movies, and sold out signs for the posters.

This is suppose to be the final chapter for the Twilight Saga, but you have to wonder, is it really?

This series has made everyone connected to it an instant star.  I have to compare it to Star Trek on that regard. For years to come, the actors who took part in any of the movies, even for the few who had only a few lines of dialogue will forever be identified as a member of the Twilight Saga.

And will that be a blessing in fifteen years or a curse?

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