Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random vampire stuff Dec 5th 2012

As I sit here this morning, staring at a stack of vampire movies that need to be sorted through, having been on a fan site for something and having had a chat about Vampire Diaries and why so many love the stories;  a thought came to mind.

Are there too many good guy vampires right now?

Somewhere in the last two decades, vampires all seemed to become just misunderstood brooding characters that everyone holds to heart.  Is it time the big screen vampire took a bite back out of things?

Don't get me wrong, I like anything that has people wanting to watch vampire movies and shows, but I think that's what made the vampire movies of the 1930s-1980s work best, they had their vampires squarely on point zero as the big bad.

Just something I thought I would throw out there this morning over coffee. Something I'm sure I'll be touching on again over the course of 2013.

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