Friday, May 3, 2013

Just a note

What's going on?

I've been really bad at keeping up this project this year.  But, I'm still working on it. I know, I've lost like another week and a half on it.  Just means I'll end up going way way over the year mark into next year, cause damn it, I will have a full 365 days worth of vampires on this blog.

Bloggers blog for different reasons, and I've sort of lost my way lately.   Last year, when I did the one different movie a day for the year, all I wanted to do was vampire movies, and now this year doing the all vampire project, other stuff keeps popping up to distract me.  But that's life, even for the undead.

But with all that said, the franchises are coming.  Subspecies, From Dusk till Dawn, Blade, Underworld, Twilight, and of course, the Draculas.

I'm sort of spacing out the Dracula films for later in the year as much as I can, given there is going to be a new tv show on NBC in the fall based on Dracula, and want to wait. 

I'll be back over the next few days cramming in as much vamp time as I can on here. Feedback is always welcome.

I've been doing a weekly (okay yeah I've missed a few weeks) series of blog posts over on my movie blog, about vampire films.  Just picking one vampire movie a week and breaking it down, talking about certain themes and stuff.  Some have been really detailed, others have been short and to the point because of lack of time.
So if you ever want to jump in on there and chatter with me, please do.(Weekly Movie Club)

till later

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