Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Lost Boys

In 1987 a movie came out that changed the whole framework of how a vampire was seen. It became a cult classic on so many levels.

Thanks in part of the popularity of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles  vampire fans had something fresh to sink their teeth into, and they wanted their movies to reflect that.

The Lost Boys  served up the vampire as a young, hip, journey of teenaged confusion masked in a wrap of peer pressure and rock n roll.
The catch phrase of that year was "sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, never die it's fun being a vampire"
Many films and books tried to copy the formula that made Edgar, Allan - the Frog Brothers- and their friend Sam so cool, but just could not hack it.

It would take 20 years for a sequel to show up.  With promises of bringing a new generation of fans to the edge of cultism.

Unfortunately, 20 years was just a bit long.  Even die hard fans were left with a bad taste in our mouths.

Even given the addition of Kiefer Sutherlands'  younger brother -Angus- as the lead vampire, it just did not do much for the fans who'd waited and waited and waited.

The 2008 offering was a nightmare not a dream come true.

Seeing the error of their mistake (total quote from the original Buffy movie here) the producers went back to the drawing board and came up with another offering.

This one picks up 20 years after the first one, with only a slight nod to few themes used in the second film, giving fans a more stable offering with the return of the Frog Brothers.

The only real thread that ties the three films together would be Corey Feldman, who starred in all three as head vampire hunter Edgar Frog.

Some would say the first and third offerings foreshadowed Feldman's career.   The first saw him paired off with Corey Haim, who would gone on to co-star in close to 80% of the movies Feldman put out over the years, and the third film sees Haim's character of Sam Emerson, as having died; which ironically was filmed around the same time as the death of the actor in real life.

There was a tease at the end of the LBThirst, giving a nod to a secluded quote in the first film about werewolves in office, that there might be a fourth LostBoys.  It would be interesting to see what they could do with another creature.

Plot: Two brothers, Sam and Michael, move with their mother to Santa Carla, to live with their grandfather.  While out one night, Michael meets Starr and forms a crush. Starr, to his disappointment is already seeing David, and part of his biker gang. Meanwhile, Sam heads to the comic book store where he meets Edgar and Allan Frog, who believe in the monsters they read about. Sam's mother gets a job working at a video store owned by Max, who no one ever sees in the day. Soon bodies are piling up, and the boys are finding themselves pit against each other brother against brother, vampire against hunter.  Will they be able to survive or will they all become one big happy blood sucking family? Twenty years later, Sam has fallen into the same fate his brother had, while Edgar is still hunting vampires. Sam's younger cousins move to the area and find themselves at the mercy of a vampire gang. The leader who happens to have been the best surfer in the last few years, and Chris Emerson's old surfing rival. Who's got the skill to stay on top, and who's going to end up deader then dead?
A year later, Edgar Frog gets hired by an author who writes vamp-pop-lit. She wants him to find her brother and kill the vampire who is holding him. Edgar having found himself alone and broke has no choice but to take the gig. What he finds underground is a rave of innocent victims and the Head Vampire, whom he's been hunting for years. Will he make it out and save the world?

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