Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing catch up

There was a situation that I blogged about on my main blog last week.  (Ardeth the Vampire Detective)
That got me thinking about a few things.  Add to this that I just did a book review for work on my book blog, that was in my mind a vampire story. 

On the weekend, I had a coffee with a member of my book club, and we talked about vampire and zombie books.  The ever growing trends and what we have liked in the past vs what we've hated.

All this has me getting very nostalgic over my old ... way of life.  Put it bluntly,  I miss my vampires.

It was more then a hobby for me (collecting movies, books, posters, etc) , more then a job (studying the medical and psychological elements along with the folklore), more then a state of mind.  It was me. 

This morning I broke out the collection.  All three movies of Lost Boys and have been sitting down just absorbing.

I have long since stopped paying attention to the one thing in my life that used to be the core of it.  I keep promising myself, that I will return to it.   Bear with me as I try to maneuver through the next few stages of things.  My writing/book reviews + wrestling + food + vampires = chaos.   But a full expression of myself.

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