Saturday, April 13, 2013

365 Days-Day 54

Dracula the Series- Episode 12 The Great Tickler

We open with a guy playing piano in an empty bar, and see Gustav geek out like a fanboy. Then Dracula shows up just as Gustav and the kids leave, and invites him to the castle.

Back at the house, we see Chris and Max working on a dating profile. Then we see the piano player there for dinner. We learn that he's the brother from the scientist from an earlier episode. He tells them that he's got a dinner appointment the next day at the castle and they try to talk him out of it, but he doesn't listen.
As he walks home, he bumps into Dracula, who invites him then to the castle.
The next morning, we see the scientist from the old episode, having just exploded his lab. He gets a letter from Dracula telling him to come to the castle to rescue his brother.
Back at the house, Chris finds a letter from a girl who liked his profile. (this is pre-internet) Gustav realizes that Mr. Tickler the piano player was captured by Dracula and goes to save him. At the same time, his brother the scientist shows up to save him too. Dracula then has all three men captured.

Back at the house, we see Chris getting ready for his date, meanwhile back at the castle, Dracula lets them all know that what he's really after is the vampire laser gun. Which he had destroyed before and wants the scientist to rebuild it. He throws Gustav into a room with the walls closing together, in the hopes that the threat will get results.
Meanwhile, we learn that Chris and Sophia answered each other's personal adds.
Back at the house, Max gets a message from the scientist saying he's at the castle.
At the castle, the two brothers are arguing on what to do, while the walls in the cell Gustav is being held in have started to close, and they are covered in spikes.
We then see the kids on the date, and learn that Max had Sophia read the profile knowing that they should be a couple.
Max shows up at the castle sneaking in and saves Gustav.  We then see Dracula talking to the scientist about the laser gun, and just before he can bite him, Max and Gustav run in.

Back at the house, everyone is talking about how Dracula still has the gun, but it's power pack is useless. But then we see Dracula call in one of his zombies and tests the gun, which actually does work.

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