Wednesday, April 17, 2013

365 Days-Day 55

Dracula the Series- Episode 13 Bad Blood

We open with Dracula walking the streets at night, and comes across a mugger. He bites him, and we see him fall to the ground, then the mugger's bag with a skull and crossbones on it, as the mugger runs away.

Back at the house, we see Sophie and Chris arguing in the living room. We learn that Sophie has a new boyfriend.
Back at the castle, Dracula is sick, and the arrival of Dr. Varney, actually startles him, proving that his illness is slowing Dracula down, which given he's a vampire shouldn't be doing.
Back at the house, Max is teasing Chris because he's looking for Sophie like a lost puppy. We then go to cafe to see Sophie and her new boyfriend.
Back at the castle, Dracula has gotten worse, with flu like symptoms. Varney tells him that he's dying.
Back at the house, Max shows up with dinner and tells Gustav that he bumped into a strange man at the store who gave him the chills, the same way vampires seem to. When he describes him to Gustav, he knows that he's a vampire doctor. Gustav takes it as a sign to go hunt Dracula.
Back at the cafe, we see that Sophie's new boyfriend is a slimeball.
Back at the castle, Dracula is put into a trance, and he remembers that he drank bad blood just before he got sick. Dr.Varney tells him the mugger had a rare blood disease, and that he needs to get a bottle of water from a certain spring. Gustav and Max have managed to get into the castle and over hear.
Chris shows up at the cafe, and sees Sophie with her new boyfriend, and gets jealous, starting a fight. We then see the boyfriend's bag and learn he's the mugger from earlier.

Back at the castle, Dracula is stumbling around getting worse. He's going insane, with blisters starting to show on his face. He then goes to the woods where the spring is.
The sun is starting to rise, as we head back to the house where Sophie and Chris are fighting about her boyfriend. 
We then see Dracula crawling in the dirt at the edge of the spring, as Max and Gustav show up stopping him. Max decides that, that's no way for the great Dracula to die, and gives him his coat. Dracula then asks Gustav what will he do with the rest of his life with no one to hunt? Just as Gustav is about to stake him, Dr. Varney shows up with a gun.
Back at the house, Sophie tells Chris that she had broken up with her boyfriend.
Back in the woods, we see Dracula drink the water. Dr. Varney comments on the fact the water isn't going to work as is, because there is too many toxic chemicals in it. Chemicals from Dracula's nearest factory. He then hands him a bottle of the same water purified.   Max and Gustav run off, while Varney and Dracula figure out they need to purify the spring.
Back at the house, Sophie's boyfriend shows up but he's a vampire. This happened when Dracula bit him at the beginning. Then we learn that Sophie had been bitten by him on her date before Chris had shown up.
Back at the castle, Varney tells Dracula that he has been careless with his day life, trying to blend with humans. Sophie then shows up in a slinky red dress offering herself as his student.

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