Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Vampire as Metaphor

Agent 807, Oz will lend you some study notes use them wisely.

Sunnydale High October 1999 2000 2001
Everything can be found in the image of the vampire. From love to lust to feeling like a leftover slice of bacon.  {remembers the time the group of students ate the school mascot then the principal }

 Connecting the movies Interview with a Vampire, Twilight New Moon, and Insatiable; what metaphor is the most obvious?

The metaphor would be food.  see the essay from March 20 2012 I did for film study class
The idea that most vampire stories are ethical ideas of having a meat diet vs having a vegetarian diet are explored in the stories of Interview with a Vampire, Twilight New Moon and Insatiable. But are not excluded to other vampire stories. 
More times then not, the lead vampire is in some way trying to control the desire to have human blood (meat diet) and makes it a point to only have animal blood (aka a vegetarian diet)

The next obvious metaphor would actually be addiction. Once again, Interview with the Vampire would be the best choice to look at.  Louis struggles through out most of the Chronicles with the desire to have human blood. He usually manages to keep his hunger at bay with dogs, chickens etc.  When he does at one point take a human life, he compares it to loosing what was left of his humanity.
He's lost control of his addiction, the same way someone who's in rehab might loose control, ending their sobriety.

A good outline Agent 807, but you need to expand on the topics.  Your grade is a C+

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