Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thoughts on the ....

Okay, so I got to see the first episode of the show.
As in Episode 1 Season 1.

I know, I mentioned that even though this show has been on air for the last few years, this is the first it's been available in my area.   Now, I wasn't going into this completely blind, as I've read the original books ... 20 years ago.

My first thought while watching this was, I could have sworn the lead female character was suppose to be this mega blonde. As in near albino blonde.  But, it has been 20 years since I've read the books and my memory is not what it should be.

I've also seen trailers and commercials for this over the last couple of years, so the reveal of the two brothers wasn't much of a shock either.
Sort of takes away from the whole point when you look at it from that point of view.

So far, episode one was good.  I think it laid down the ground work for the feuds well.  Honestly though, it could have had at lest one more fang-filled scene.  But, for a one hour episode, it managed to get the baseline of the story told in a clear and understandable way without coming off as egotistic.

If by chance, you're like me and haven't seen the show before, it's about two vampire brothers who are fighting over the same girl.  One will stop at nothing to get the upper hand, while the other just wants to be able to live in peace.

I actually talked about the original books on another blog about 3 years ago.  Comparing the story plot to a few other vampire movies/books with the same theme.
I believe, the theme is used so often because it's a theme that defies generations and fads.  It's something that happens all too often.

I can see why this show has gained the following it has. Which, had you asked me a few years ago I might not have.

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