Friday, February 1, 2013

365 Days- Day 26

Dracula the Series- Episode 2 Double Cross

We open with the bedroom of Chris and Max, the window is open and Max is having a nightmare.  Dracula is at the window and comes into the room fangs bared.  His brother wakes him, and their uncle Gustav runs in. He then explains about the cross that protects the house.

The next morning we see Max acting like a normal teenager annoying his uncle.  He then decides to read a large volume on the folklore about vampires.   Their uncle gets a call from an old buddy who invites himself over.  This distracts Gustav and allows Max to remove the protective cross which he takes to be re-blessed. Which ends up being a massive mistake.
We then see Dracula working out in his office reading into a recorder about firing people.
We then are back at the house with Gustav and his old friends chatting about when they were younger.  Gustav then hurts himself dancing.
Back to Dracula still working out and doing business, he learns that Max has removed the cross from the house.  Max then arrives to pick up his cross but no one is around. 

Back at the house, Gustav's friends are commenting on how nice the house is.  The kids are then left alone in the house as the sun goes down. Chris and Sophie realize that Max's removing the cross from the house has now put them all in danger.
Back at Dracula's office, and we learn from a phone call that one of Gustav's friends has told him about the cross being removed. The kids then learn that all the holy water and crosses are gone as are all the stakes and they are left without any way to defend themselves from Dracula.
Dracula then arrives in a storm and fog, flying through the window.   He has the kids trapped in the house, just as Gustav comes home.   We then learn which of Gustav's old friends sold them out.
Then the man who worked at the church as the gardener comes in with the newly blessed cross scaring Dracula.  Who then runs off into the night.   Gustav then tries to save his friend from turning into a vampire.

It's the next morning, and Gustav's friends don't remember anything. We then learn that the cross never needed to be re-blessed as it was made centuries ago by a saint.

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