Monday, February 4, 2013

365 Days-Day 27

Dracula the Series- Episode 3 Get A Job

We open with Chris riding his bike into a store, trying to get a job as a bike messenger. He ends up with a crush on his boss. We then see Dracula drive up just as he leaves.

Back at the house, Gustav and Max are doing research about the company Lucard. Here we are given some of the mythos for the show- the three ways a vampire can affect you by killing you, mind control leaving you a zombie, or turning you into a vampire-
Back at the store, we then see Chris's new boss trying to sell a painting to Dracula, and we learn just how wealthy he is. And Chris sees Dracula and hides in the closet. When he tells his boss that Lucard is really Dracula, she figures it's just where he's got a crush on her.
Back at the house, they discuss the fact Dracula was out in the day.  It's the next day and Max decides to dress up as a reporter and follow Dracula trying to get proof he's a vampire.
We then learn that Chris's new boss is really a thief and con artist.  Chris and Sophie then break in to the shop and get arrested.

Back at the house, the kids talk about telling the cops about Dracula. Next scene is Dracula on the phone talking about the painting. We then see Max at the police telling them what he learned from watching Dracula the day before. Which of course no one believes him.
Back at the shop, Chris starts looking around again trying to understand what's really going on and uncovers copies of all the paintings.
At sundown, Gustav and the kids go to Dracula's castle and use holy water to un-magick the doors to break in.  We see Dracula having dinner with Chris's boss. Gustav then pulls a cross on Dracula threatening him. Dracula then turns into a dog to get away.
The police then arrive to arrest her, and we learn that Dracula was actually working with the police to find the art thief.

We then learn that the police captain is a vampire, and he's turned Chris's boss into one.

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