Saturday, February 16, 2013

365 Days-Day 35

Dracula the Series- Episode 6 Black Sheep

We open with a man standing at a grave, talking to it. He mentions Klaus and how he's going to stop him. Klaus then appears, taunting the man. He then disappears in a cloud of fog and bats.

We then see the house, where Max is complaining about not able to watch tv or listen to the radio.  Gustav hands him a radio from the 1950's and tells him if he can fix it, it's his.  Gustav then looks at the calendar and realizes it's the full moon.  A knock at the door reveals the man who had been standing at the grave the night before.
Inviting him in, they talk about Klaus and how he killed the man's wife, turning her into a vampire, unaware that Gustav already knows about Klaus.
We see Max working on the radio, while the man and Gustav continue to talk about killing the vampires, and offers him anything he wants.  Gustav turns him down and the man leaves.
We are then at the office of Lucard Industries where Dracula yells at Klaus for being late. Ends up that Klaus has been killing without covering up the vampire attacks.  They struggle, Dracula getting angrier by the second, punishing Klaus.   They then continue talking about government business.
Back at the house, it's the next day and Max picks up a telephone call between Klaus and Dracula on the old radio.  The man shows up again, begging Gustav to kill Klaus, showing that Klaus has been on a patterned attack spree.
No one understands yet why Gustav is unwilling to kill Klaus.

Nightfall, and we see a meeting between Gustav and Klaus, where Gustav warns him to cancel whatever it is he's up to.
Back at the house, the kids are playing around with the radio again and pick another telephone call on it. The man is then back at the house, screaming at Gustav about having messed up the surprise attack he had planned on Klaus.
Gustav then goes out to the graveyard to the Van Helsing family tomb, while the kids go to a park hunting for Dracula's hidden treasure.
We learn that this is St. George's Eve, and that vampires must return to the place they were first buried, which is why Gustav is waiting around the family tomb.  We learn that Klaus is Gustav's son. The old man shows up ready to kill them both. But as he fires the crossbow, Dracula appears and breaks the stake.  Dracula then tells Gustav to finish Klaus, saying that he's too much of a child.
Dracula then tells Gustav that he knew the kids were listening in, and that the park is a distraction to keep them busy for the evening before flying off.  Gustav then grabs the old man and locks Klaus in the tomb.

Gustav then meets up with the kids, and lets them know he was aware they were on a wild goose chase. And as they all leave the park, three blue flames spring up marking where there is actual vampire treasure.

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