Friday, March 1, 2013

365 Days -Day 39

Kindred the Embraced- Episode 1 The Original Saga

We open with a chase across a roof, then cut to two cops talking about why they are after this guy. He's actually the henchman to Luna, whom the one detective -Frank- is after. Part because Luna is believed to be a mob boss and part because Frank is dating Luna's ex-girlfriend Alexandra. We then see the guy they are chasing get staked and the two who did it jump off a building without getting hurt.  This is our introduction to the Gangrels and Brujah clans.
We are then in the morgue with Frank and the doctor discussing the fact the body burst into flames on it's own.
We are then taken to the mansion of Luna and the house for the Venture clan. 
Frank then is out to dinner with Alexandra, whom  he's having an affair with, trying to get more information out of her about Luna. She leaves for the bathroom where she feeds off of another woman getting a few drops of her blood on her dress.  They then go back to her house, while Luna has gone to dinner with Lillie, the leader of the Toreador clan.
Luna and Lillie discuss how to keep their businesses from being taken from them.  They bump into Cash, the new leader of the Gangrel clan and Luna offers a security job to Cash. The group are then gunned down by another clan from the back of a moving car. The cops show up just after it happens, and Frank and Luna threaten each other.
Lillie and Luna return to the mansion and Luna goes into the basement to talk to Daedauls, the leader of the Nosferatu clan. He asks him to convince Eddie -leader of the Brujah- to step back. He then tells him to head to the morgue and get the remains of the body.
Just before the coroner is attacked, he calls Frank and informs him that the body is not that of a young man but one that appears to be at lest 100 years old. This tips Frank off that something supernatural is about to be uncovered.
Back at the mansion, we see Lillie and Luna in bed talking about how close Frank has gotten to uncovering the vampires, and whether or not they should enforce a law that would sentence Alexandra to death?  But before they can made a decision, Luna is told that who he believes is his last human relative is death. They begin planning a funeral for the grandson (who was in his 80's)
We are then given Luna's backstory, that he became a vampire when he lost his wife and wanted to commit suicide.
As he was leaving the mansion, Alexandra shows up asking permission to explain to Frank what they are. Luna then goes to the graveyard to visit his family plots. At the funeral, Luna is giving a speech about the legacy of the winery his grandson left but saying it as if he were just a business partner.  Then Sasha shows up, who we learn is Luna's great-granddaughter.
Meanwhile, Alexandra and Frank are back at her house, and we learn too that Frank's wife died as well, having committed suicide.
Back at the mansion, Luna and his sire are talking about how hard it is to survive through all the human wars.
We then see Alexandra and Frank again, talking about her garden which in a way is a metaphor for how the vampires look after humans.  Alexandra then spots a private detective of Luna's and after injuring him, threatens Luna. It becomes clear that they have to enforce the law on Alexandra.
Meanwhile, Lillie goes to see Eddie at his place to set up business contracts in exchange for Eddie killing Alexandra for her.
Back at the mansion, Luna has all the clan leaders together in the one room trying to figure out who it was that wanted Stevie dead. (the body at the beginning of the episode)  Eddie admits his the one, and that he's going to run for Prince of the City (aka the head mob boss) It quickly turns to a vote on enforcing the law against Alexandra, what they call a bloodhunt. Which is the killing of a vampire who has broken the laws. Meanwhile, Alexandra and Frank are back at her house, where she gives him a taste of her blood hoping it will help to explain to him what she is and what he's dealing with if he continues to go after Luna.  She explains to him that there is a price out on her and that she is breaking up with him. She then turns into a wolf and runs away.
Frank tells Sonny his partner, that what they are dealing with is vampires and that the bullets they found the other night at the club from the drive-by, was phosphorus and not the usual bullet. Sonny tries to talk him out of following the case, thinking that he's gone crazy.
Back at the mansion, Luna and Alexandra have one more secret meeting where Luna tells her to run away. She begs him to promise her that he will make sure nothing bad happens to Frank no matter how much trouble Frank creates for the vampires.
We then see Lillie and Luna talking about the whole situation, her jealousy shading how she cons him into giving her what she wants.
Meanwhile, Alexandra is being hunted by nearly all the clans till she manages to get caught by Daedalus. He slices her throat draining her, then drives her to the bridge and leaves her to the sunrise. But as he does he shows some pity and tells her she might survive if she can get into the water first.  Just as Alexandra is about to jump into the water, Frank shows up.
We hear him on the phone with someone who's voice has been masked, telling him where she is, taunting him.  She turns to look at Frank and the sun is up before she can jump into the water.  Bursting into flames before him.
We then see Frank later, getting another call at home from the strange voice telling him that he's Kindred and that Luna has protection orders on him. And that he'll feed him names of vampires Frank's allowed to kill.  We then learn it's Sonny and Eddie who made the calls, letting us believe Sonny was the mastermind behind the whole situation.
Back at Alexandra's garden, we see Luna and Frank each mourning her, each accused the other of killing her, Frank shoots Luna with the normal bullets which only knocks him down. This is basically two forms of law each staking claims on the city as both men vow to protect what they believe in. Then Frank picks up a locket that Luna had been looking at, and sees a vision of Alexandra moving around the garden.
We then see Luna standing over the edge of the city at night.

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