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Kindred the Embraced part 3

Kindred the Embraced -Episode 3 Nightstalker

We open with Lillie's club where we see a female singer whom Daedalus is infatuated with. A stranger wanders into the club, and Cash tries to find out who he is. It ends up, he was turned without permission. The new vampire starts to destroy the club, and is arrested. Cash ends up getting himself arrested too in order to protect the new vampire.  Meanwhile, Daedalus has started to send gifts to the singer, following her around town.
We then see the female singer's apartment, where Daedalus is hiding in the shadows.
The next morning, we see that both Cash and the new vampire are not in jail but in the mental hospital, because the new vampire is screaming that he's a vampire. We then learn that he was turned by a female vampire when he was in the hospital a while before. Cash tricks a hospital staff member into entering the room and lets the new vampire feed. But warns the new vampire not to turn anyone or to kill, only feed a little on any one person.
Back at the mansion, Luna and his sire are talking about the new vampire, who we now know is called Starkweather.  Sasha overhears part of the conversation and freaks out on Luna, wondering why he has not gotten Cash out of the hospital's mental ward yet.
As we learn more about Starkweather, we discover he's had a history of violent rages. and kills a doctor. Just as Luna and Sasha arrive to get Cash out. But Starkweather has escaped.
Frank and Sonny are put on the case, and they meet Caitlin who is covering the story for the paper.
Back at the mansion, Sonny, Luna, Cash and the other clan leaders realize Starkweather was made by a Gangrel which is Cash's clan. This makes Gangrel is responsibility.  They then start to discuss Frank's involvement in the case. Sonny promises to keep Frank on a short leash. A bloodhunt is called on Starkweather.
Daedalus and Luna then have a private meeting, to talk about how he could spend time with the female singer, which would need a ritual to change the way he looks.
Starkweather then goes to his dad's place for revenge for the abuse he suffered growing up.
We then see Caitlin having a private dinner with Luna.
Back at the singer's apartment, and she finds a necklace that Daedalus has left for her. He starts to talk to her from the window, not letting her see him yet. He uses a simple spell to clam her down, and allow him to have a conversation with her. The whole time thinking he's too much of a monster for her to care for him.
Next morning, Frank and Sonny show up on the crime scene of Starkweather's father, and they realize that he's a vampire.
A week later, we see the newspaper has reported on all his crimes, painting Starkweather as a serial killer. Luna want's to shut the story down but Caitlin says it's too late, the public needs to know.  We then see Daedalus mixing up a potion to make himself "pretty". Lillie goes to talk to him, convincing him that the truth in this situation would be better then using a spell to lie to the singer.
We then see Frank at the diner where Luna shows up giving full permission to do what he has to with the Starkweather case.
Back once again at the singer's apartment, and Daedalus seduces her. The next morning, he wakes up and discovers the potion has worn off and runs away. She catches him leaving and is scared.
The press then show up, and the singer believes who she saw was the serial killer. The whole time, Starkweather was in the crowd and starts telling people that the girl is lying about having seen the serial killer.
We then see Luna and Lillie at the club talking about how they need to distance themselves from that side of their natures, to try to be more human. This then turns to a discussion on if they should turn Sasha into a vampire or not.
Outside of the girl's apartment, we see that Starkweather has kidnapped her.  
Back at the mansion, Luna and Daedalus are talking about the potion, and see the photo of the killer and realize he's got the girl.  They call Frank and tell him to show up at the club. Frank shows up there with his vampire gun, but gets knocked out by the killer and half strangled. Luna shows up with a large knife, but Starkweather grabs the gun. He misses and Luna decapitates him.
We see the first real sign of a truce between Frank and Luna. 
The last scene of this episode is Luna at Caitlin's apartment, her telling him that they caught the killer.

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