Friday, March 1, 2013

Kindred the Embraced continued

Kindred the Embraced- Episode 2 Prince of the City

We open with Frank and Sonny in their boss's office, talking about Eddie being their next target and Frank tells his boss that he wants to go after Luna. His boss tells him to back down and stick with their original stakeout on the Docks for Eddie.
We then see them at the docks later that night, setting up their mole. The mole lets them know that Eddie is evil but even he bows down to Luna.  We follow the mole into the stakeout as he is figured out by Eddie. They find the wire then kill him just as the cops storm the place. Frank hears the mole screaming and when he finds him with a stake in the chest, he tries to pull the stake out and is accused of killing him.
As Frank begins walking home, he sees a wolf which turns into Eddie. Eddie then threatens him, telling him that if he doesn't leave him and his businesses alone, he will kill him no matter what Luna has said about protecting Frank.
We next see Sasha in jail after having stopped a bar fight. Luna shows up to bail her out, and tells her that part of the bail agreement was for her to stay at the mansion. She asks him why, and he tells her that he's alone now.
The next morning, back at the police station, we learn that Frank's fingerprints are the only ones on the stake they pulled out of the mole, and tell him that the whole station thinks he's insane with his talking about vampires.
Next we see Cash move into the guest house at the mansion, where he and Sasha meet. Luna informs Cash that he's not allowed to hang out with Sasha.  We then see Lillie and Luna back at her club, where a reporter shows up; Caitlin. Lillie realizes right off that Caitlin will end up being trouble for her relationship with Luna. He offers to give her an interview if she goes to dinner with him.
Next morning, we see Frank in a diner where Luna shows up just before sunrise, and we learn that if the vampires feed they can go into the sun. Luna tells Frank that there are vampires in every sort of job, and to understand that even his police station is filled with vampires. He tells Frank that if he gets proof that Eddie is doing his business dirty, then he will take care of it.
Then we see Sonny and Frank in a library doing research on vampires, which Sonny already knows because he's a vampire but Frank does not know this yet. Sonny tries to get Frank to give up his obsession but for no use.
We then see Caitlin and Luna at dinner for their interview, which quickly becomes personal. Caitlin, like most people think Luna is just a mob boss, and asks him about his connections.
We then see Cash and Sasha working on their motorcycles, flirting. Cash tries to back off telling her that they are not the same kind, and that Luna would kill him if they got together.  They kiss, and Sasha talks him into taking her to Lillie's club.
Lillie wants Luna to kill Caitlin because she's afraid of her past coming out. This is the second time that Luna remarks about Lillie being as beautiful as the Toreador clan and as vicious as the Nosferatu clan. He then tells her that he's going to shut the reporter Caitlin up by buying the newspaper. He then sees Cash and Sasha together in the bar and gets angry, when he finds out she lied to Cash and that Cash fell for it. He orders Cash to take her home.
We then see Eddie ordering Frank's capture, alive, toying with the idea of turning him.
Next morning, we see Caitlin arrive home to find Luna standing on her doorstep. And the beginning of a relationship is hinted at. She invites him in and offers to make him something to eat, letting him know that she has not found anything that would suggest he's in the mob but still wondering who he really is.
Back at the club, Lillie taunts Luna about his date, and Frank shows up meeting Lillie officially. Lillie lets him know that she knows he knows about them. Frank then hands Luna a ring, and asks him to use his vampire powers to get a vision from the ring as to who the killer of their mole was.
Back to Eddie and Sonny as they discuss how to destroy Luna's credit with the clans.
Back then at the mansion, and we learn that Sonny is actually undercover for Luna. Their problem is getting rid of Eddie without starting a clan war, and the topic of Frank then comes up again.
We see Frank back at his apartment, where he gets another phone call from the voice telling him that he dropped off a phosphorus gun, because the Prince of the City wants him safe.
Back at the mansion, we see all the clan leaders sitting around the meeting table passing around the ring for a vision. Which we learn is one of Eddie's men. Luna declares that the hitman will be killed, and asks the rest of the leaders what they think about how to handle Eddie. It ends up being a split vote with everyone agreeing on killing the hitman, but not about Eddie. 
Frank's apartment, and there is a vampire in his living room, whom he shoots with the phosphorus gun. We then see a secret meeting between Frank and Luna, with Luna warning him to be careful.
Luna then shows up at Caitlin's the next day, and offers her the editing job that is now open at her paper, letting her know that he bought the paper.
Another night scene, and we see Luna back at his mansion with his sire who is warning him to back off from the reporter and to not get any deeper in a relationship.
We see Luna again looking over the edge of the city and turns into a bird, before appearing at Caitlin's window.

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