Wednesday, March 13, 2013

365 Days- Day 45

Dracula the Series- Episode 7 A Little Nightmare Music

 We open with Lucard as a bat flying over the city, then see a woman painting, whom he stumbles upon and asks him if he wants his painting done?  She takes his photograph to study from, but he doesn't have an image in it.  He then bites her.

Back at the house, Chris is hanging out playing the guitar, Max and Gustav pretending to listen, teasing him about his lack of talent. Sophie then runs in telling them that a socialite came to her music class. She informs them that she's been picked to be the personal assistant for her.
We then see Sophie and the socialite walking around the city, talking about classical music. We then see Lucard and the socialite back at his office having a drink, talking about having known each other before.
Back at the house, we see the kids all talking about music again, both Sophie and Max referring to the socialite and how cool they think she is.
Back at Dracula's castle, the socialite and Dracula are having a private dinner to set up a charity event. He then gets a message and leaves one of his co-workers (vampires) there and we learn she's a vampire as well.
The next morning, once again we see Sophie and the socialite having coffee and talking about all the charity work she has to do.  And Sophie learns that the socialite is staying at the castle.
Back at the house, Chris is trying to impress uncle Gustav with a song he wrote, when Sophie arrives back and starts to collect up a bunch of vampire hunting tools. She runs out of the house again, just as Max arrives back there. They discover the missing hunter's tools and figure out that Sophie has headed to the castle.
Back at the castle, we see the socialite and Sophie trying to warn her, not knowing that she's a vampire as well. Gustav and the two boys show up at the castle just as Sophie is fighting off the vampire.  Dracula shows up and learns that the socialite is not what he thought.(it's hinted that she might be the Countess Bathory)  The two vampires battle, and he gives her the choice of leaving or being staked.  Sophie at first wonders why Dracula saved her, only to find out its because he wants to kill her himself to punish Gustav.  The others arrive before Dracula can bit Sophie, saving her.

We are then at a bar where Chris is suppose to be having a gig, but the place is empty, the only ones there being Max, Sophie, Gustav and the bartender. Outside, we see the socialite trying to convince another young girl to become her personal assistant.

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