Saturday, March 23, 2013

365 Days-Day 49

Dracula the Series- Episode 10 Mind over Matter

We open with the kids searching old ruins looking to hunt vampires. They end up stumbling upon a coffin that says Vlad Tepes, which is Dracula's (Lucard) tomb.

We then go to a rehearsal for a tv talk show, where Gustav and a couple of psychics are the day's guests. We learn that they are pretty much the typical con artists.
Back at the house, the kids research proves that Dracula still needs to rest in the tomb every so often, and they plot to go there and stake the tomb.
Dracula's place, and we see him making popcorn and getting ready to watch the talk show that Gustav is on. We see Dracula sending telepathic messages to the psychic, which freaks Gustav out.
We then see the kids roaming around the ruins, at night and find the tomb open suddenly.
The next morning, back at the house, we see the kids packing all the vampire hunting tools they can into a pack and getting ready to go back to the tomb.
Max heads to the tomb for first watch. He ends up seeing someone running around with a flaming torch, thinking it's Dracula.  Chris and Sophie show up as back up, but are spooked when they see a woman coming out of the tunnels under the tomb. It ends up being the psychic from the talk show. She tells them she was drawn there by a voice in her head, just as Dracula shows up. He empties their weapon pack, cornering them. The psychic tries to leave but gets caught by Dracula.
Back at the house, Gustav is writing a letter to someone, and then we're taken right back to the tomb and Max brings up the question of who's in the coffin if Dracula was not there a few minutes before? Dracula tells them that it's empty, just a decoy for people like them and movie fans. But the coffin opens and we see the psychic send a telepathic message to Gustav which he ends up writing in the middle of his letter.
Meanwhile, back in the tomb, we learn that the psychic's husband has been hiding in the coffin, and claims it's his powers that brought her to the tomb. He's been turned into a vampire, and claims that he's the most powerful vampire ever.  Which of course gets on Dracula's last nerve and he is about to stake the husband, but he turns himself into a rabbit. Dracula then turns his attention back to the psychic, about to bite her when Gustav shows up with weapons. Dracula then disappears laughing.
Gustav and the psychic then take the kids home, leaving the husband who is now a rabbit in the tomb.

The next morning, back at the house, Gustav tells the kids he knows all about all of Dracula's extra coffins, that they are placed all over the world to fool those who shouldn't be trying to hunt him.

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