Friday, January 11, 2013

365 Days- Day 11

movie: Mom's got a Date with a Vampire
starring: Caroline Rhea, Robert Carradine
genre: Comedy
year: 2000
format: VHS

plot: Two teens decide to set their mom up on date in order to sneak out of the house to go to a concert. Only their younger brother sees the guy turn into a bat and calls a vampire hunter.  Soon, the kids are in a fight for their lives.

This is a made for tv movie from the Family channel.

This movie hits all the right notes, and has just enough elements of Lost Boys and Monster Squad to make any die hard vamp fan happy.
Giving the restaurant the name of Renfield's  was a cool nod to Dracula.  Charles Shaughnessy plays the Dracula-ish vampire with just enough a mix of comedy and sex appeal, that you forgive his British accent even when he claims he's from Romania/Hungry.
The tricks the Van Helsing character uses to find the vampire are some of the most unique I've seen in movies.

The baseline in this is that true love comes in all forms, as it's the parent-child bond that saves the mom from the clutches of the vampire. Where as, in typical vampire movies it's a romantic relationship that usually breaks the vampire's hold.
It's also about reconnecting with your own spirit, as the mom starts to believe in herself again after singing during their date. Her confidence returns giving her a moment to remember what her life was like before her divorce. And if you want to go deeper on that idea, the vampire character represents any new boyfriend that might come into the life of a single mom, who just doesn't want to be a daddy figure.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Don't let eight year olds watch vampire movies; they could turn out like me. And don't pimp out your family members for a concert.

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