Friday, January 4, 2013

365 Days- Day 4

Blade the Series 

Episode 1- Pilot

We see Blade in Moscow hunting a vampire, then a cop in Detroit who picks up a hooker only to feed her to a vampire. From there, what looks like a mob hit, and the return home of a female solider, Krista.  The cop takes Krista to identify her brother, trying to convince her that her brother was a drug dealer and that it was a deal gone wrong. The drug in question is called Ash, and is made from vampire blood and how the vampires keep many of their familiars in check.
Blade goes to a tattoo parlor killing the familiars- human servants of a major vampire master, and we see a scene where he takes a dose of his serum.
The head of the local vampire house, Marcus, decides to throw a major party/fund raiser where Krista shows up and tries to find out more of what got her brother killed.  She then is turned into a vampire herself.
She then begins working for Blade and Shen as a sort of undercover agent.

The first episode is a two hour episode.

I have the DVD set, which as it turns out is slightly different then the original broadcasts. (R-rated and more in line with the original movie trilogy)

There is a lot to set up in this first episode, having to cover the back story from the movies. A scene is actually used from the original film. And like the trilogy, one of the main stories has to do with the turnbloods (vampires that were made) vs the purebloods (born vampires).  

Also, like many vampire stories, this deals with the loss of innocence. From learning that there is more in this world then we first thought, and by the use of the drugs. (the street drug Ash and the visions Krista has after being turned)

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