Wednesday, January 9, 2013

365 Days- Day 9

movie: Draghoula
starring:Chriss Lee, Stephanie Seidle
genre: Comedy
year: 1995
format: VHS

plot: A lab researcher has his funding cut and ends up having to find his lab rats on the black market. Little does he know they are vampire rats. One bites him, turning him into a vampire, which he expresses by becoming a vampire drag queen at night.

I decided to go with this last night for this week's movie club selection on my movie blog (if you want to read that much longer post it's here)

This movie is pure camp.
The lead character is a grown man who lives with his mother, and is pretty much having his life controlled by the women around him. The only freedom he finds is when he starts turning into a vampire.
I'm not really sure why he dresses in drag?  Unless it's just a by product of the time it was made?
I'd love to say the idea of gender identity is suppose to be a theme in this, but I can't. The lead character just shows up in drag without any forewarning.

The film itself doesn't really go anywhere either. It just sort of spins the same type of scenes over and over, which are of the lead character running around the streets in garters and a cape.

what do i think i learned from this film?
I'm not sure there is anything to learn from this, just sit back and enough the silliness. 

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