Sunday, January 13, 2013

365 Days- Day 13

Blade the Series- Episode 3: Death Goes On

We open this episode with a truck stopping at a gas station, and learn that it is carrying vampires who are being used for their blood. The cop from the previous episodes was turned into a vampire at the very end, and is among the victims. He uses one of his teeth to cut his way out and kills the driver getting away.
Then opening credits.

We're back in Detroit where Blade is preparing, trying to understand what happened in the last fight he had with the Uber vamp.  Meanwhile, his sidekick Shen is trying to figure out what the connection to the latest situation is.
We then see Krista, who is still in the vampire main house, having nightmares. Where upon, we see Chase and the Ubervamp talking.
Back to Blade and Shen, trying to understand why the vampires are producing Ash.
We then learn that the vampires are conducting experiments on their own kind, trying to create a vaccine that will not affect the turnbloods. We start to see what the affect Ash is having on humans, which causes them to want eat their own hands for blood.  Ash basically gives humans a short jolt of vampire powers.
Blade then beats up a dealer for information.  Next scene is Krista injecting one of the bottles of Blade's serum while in the shower. Marcus is waiting for her when she gets out of the shower, and we're never really sure if he's witnessed the serum or not?
A guest of Marcus's decides to go to the local feeding house, feeding on humans who have been sedated.  

Next scene is Blade once again questioning the dealer, looking for a major dealer called Cain. Marcus then takes Krista on a date, where she learns they can actually eat food. Only because of her taking the serum, she learns she can't eat.

We then see a dealer hyped on Ash, kill two vampires. Then go to his drug factory. We discover this is Cain.

Marcus then goes to the feeding house, and realizes that it's someone other then Blade who killed his guest and driver. Killing the Madam.

Krista learns about the vaccine, project Aurora from Fritz the Ubervamp.   We then see Chase torturing a human about the Ash.
We then learn that Marcus is not at the head of things, but in fact answers to another vampire.

Krista and Chase are sent out to a warehouse to clean up the drug factory that Cain has going.  Meanwhile, Blade has followed the dealer he'd been questioning to the same building.  Soon it's a full on battle between the "clean up crew" and Blade.  Fritz the Ubervamp gets killed, and both Chase and Krista end up injured.
We end on a scene of the cop vamp attacking another police officer in the middle of the highway, and see that he's got a woman in the trunk of a car.

This episode, you see the softer side of Marcus, as he's doing his best to woo Krista. And Chase's jealousy is clear.  You also learn that there is more to the hierarchy then we first thought. And that the vampires are having unrest within their own world.
It's also brought up that the vampires are not all happy with the idea of the Ash drug being out there on the streets.

I think the main theme in this episode is that things are not always as they first appear. There is always something going on just under the surface. Just the fact that Marcus and Chase were willing to kill one of their own members to save a secret says volumes. As does the fact they kill the Madam for letting the drug be used in the feeding house.

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