Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 Days- Day 2

movie: Ring of Darkness
starring: Adrienne Barbeau, Stephen Martines,
genre: Music
year: 2003/2004
format: DVD

plot: A popular boy band looses their lead singer and hold an open audition to replace him. The catch is that once you're in, you're in for all eternity.

This was a made for tv movie

Two seconds into this and I was having a major deja vu.  The opening scene is a guy packing and running for his life, then you see the pack hunt him down on the beach attacking him.   Just like the opening to another vampire/zombie movie  Voodoo (1995 starring Corey Feldman) and another vampire movie  The Brotherhood. (to be honest, it also reminded me of Wolves of Wall Street) Which, I suppose isn't that surprising when I found out this is a David DeCoteau movie. (who did in fact do The Brotherhood series of films and Wolves of Wall Street)
My next thought was, I've heard this music before.

I have to say, this film has it's moments.  Like a scene when the band are walking through the woods as if they were entering a VIP room. The scene is cut with flashes of white as if camera flashbulbs were going off. It was both comical and very stylish. Almost a commentary on the idea that these guys were their own hype.
Though the scene could have been shorter.

The more you get into this movie, the more it feels like a collection of music videos that have been played back to back. Sometimes that wasn't a good thing. 
No matter how decent the actors in DeCoteau movies might be, there are always long segments that make the actors seem like cardboard.  Still, this was one of the better written stories along the lines of this type of plot that I've seen in years. (could be because it's a made for tv movie?)

I like the fact they used being vampires as a metaphor for fame, and boy bands as zombies.

what do i think I learned from this film?
Fame can suck the life out of you

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